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Advancements in Medical Technology to make our lives better

There have been significant advancements in medical field over the years, which prove to be beneficial to general people. These technologies are proving to be major steps towards improving our lives and making it better. Let us look at some of these technologies in the next few sections, which have the power to change our lives.

 bionic eye

Bionic Eyes:

Now blinds can see thanks to the macro technology called retinal prosthesis system developed by Argus. In this system, a pair of glasses consists of a camera that transfers data to a computer set up behind the eye. This computer in turn sends the signals to person’s brain. A sixty-electrode array is planted on retinal surface, equaling an aspirin in size.

This array stimulates healthy neurons and at the same time communicates with computer for processing the images. Though the system does not provide clear sight, it lets the person make out figures and shapes, which were not visible previously.

 Prosthetic Arms

Prosthetic Arms:

These are not like the mannequin arms of previous decade, which were non-functional. Now prosthetic hand and arms being developed which can be controlled using signals from mind. The arms work based on inputs received from mind and it is possible to control pressure exerted by the hand as well as the coordination, so that the hand can pick up every small things, such as coins, with ease. You can also hold a knife and chop food while preparing a meal.

This arm known as Luke allows many different types of motions, which were otherwise not possible.

 Regeneration using Laser

Regeneration using Laser:

Stem cells, responsible for building tooth, grow as well as regenerate in rats when exposed to laser light. This tells us that laser light is capable to triggering some form of biological response that surgeons can use in many different ways.

 pluripotent stem cell

Liver Replacement:

Last year scientists in Japan were able to develop the first level with the help of pluripotent stem cell. The subsequent study revealed that in case we implant immature liver cells into some host covered by supportive cells, then liver grows and accepts the host. Moreover, there will be lesser chances of rejection of the organ.


These advancements in medical technology are really going to make life easier for many people and should certainly be refined further to make them part of the mainstream.


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