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The 5 Best wireless headphones out there

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The days are gone when headphones meant those big boxe kind of structure with long wires that created a mess. This is an era of ultra-cool and trendy wireless headphones. These new generation headphone are equipped with the latest technology and all the latest components that make them awesome devices to listen to music or for any other purpose.

There is nothing that can beat these ultra gorgeous wireless headphones and are a rage all over the world since their launch. There are plenty of such wireless headphones in market these days but only few out of them are worth of keeping in stock for their awesome features and quality. So here is a list of five best wireless headphones.

1. Sennheiser RS 130

The Sennheiser is known for their best in class and excellent quality headphones. And this headphone perfectly stands on the brand name and delivers more than what is expected every time. This Sennheiser RS 130 is the best wireless headphone made until date and there is nothing that can be compared to it. The ear buds provided are very comfortable and the device produces rich sound. The device has got positive feedback from its customers and is in high demand for the quality of experience it offers. With all these features this device is worth of a deal and is priced at just $170.

2. Sony MDR-IF240RK

If there is a talk about wireless headphones, it is hard to ignore the giant Sony. This Sony device is simply superb and you will be shocked to hear the awesome quality it offers. It is considered to be one of the best wireless headphones for its rich and elegant looks with the awesome sound quality it offers. Also the device offers higher range of connectivity and you can actually use it for pretty long distances. It is very comfortable to use and is very handy too. It is priced at just $37.99 and is available at Amazon.

3. Sennheiser Rs110

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The previous version of the Sennheiser RS 130 is also pretty cool. The Sennheiser Rs110 is quite similar to RS130 but lacks in design and few quality terms. But for what it is priced, it is worth of a deal. The device when launched was a rage among the youth and students and since then has never stopped amazing people by its excellent quality and super cool design. The comfortable design makes it easy to wear around your head and it is so lightweight that you will not even feel like you’re keeping something over your head. Also the connectivity range is superb and allows you with higher durability and better experience over longer distances.

4. Sony MDR RF920RK

There are no words to describe this ultimate beauty. You will be driven towards it by just its looks and you will be left with no other option other than going for it. And for sure you will not be disappointed as it is from the giant Sony. The exotic design with cool new features makes this device a really cool pick among the list of wireless speakers. The ear pads provided are so comfortable that you will hardly know that you are keeping something around your ears. All you will bother about is the quality and this device is an excellent pick in terms of quality. So just plug the adapter and roam around carrying these lightweight headphones and make your own world of music wherever you want. It is available at an affordable price of $149.95.

5. Philips SHD9100

Next up is a cool new trendy wireless headphone from the sound giant Philips. The Philips products are usually known for their awesome designs and awesome quality they offer at reasonable price. This device suits all the basic conditions of the brand and in terms of quality; it is one of the best quality offering headphone in its price segment. The device comes along with the super slim and cool holder or you can call it a connector. Place the connector at a place and carry around the complete world of music along with you wherever you go. It offers long distance connectivity and is also equipped with buttons along the sides of ear buds to operate or make changes in the song list. This device is a real cool piece and is worth of a strong deal.

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