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5 Best home gaming set-ups you’d give all to play in

Gamers are always impressed and adored by good home gaming set-ups, and want one in their home. The ambiance adds taste to the game and allows gamers to immerse themselves completely in it. So, they come up with gaming set-ups for their home, here we have listed five best home gaming set-ups you’d give all to play in.

Waterfall Home gaming set up

Some people like to gather things of their interest and want to enjoy in the environment they create for themselves with all such things around. Robert and Rhonda Seebold created a gaming set around their entertainment destination. This gaming set up features two waterfalls and a water garden by blubbing stream in a rectangular shaped room. It has a unique bench-style viewing area from where the game can be enjoyed with family and friends. A 95-by-54-inch Stewart Luxus screen is placed in front of the room along with the Runco VX-1000ci projector so that the game can be enjoyed from any location of the room. The audio and video features are also added in the wall system, along with the wooden shelves that can assist in carrying the CDs, DVs or books. The waterfall is controlled by an iPronto remote that adds the quality of sounds to games.

Jerry Rice’s Home Theater gaming system

Rices’ had one of the largest AMX residential projects where they added 10-inch AMX touch-panel screen in their house to control audio, video, temperature and lightening and also was capable of controlling 80 speakers hidden throughout the house distributed unevenly in rooms as they were a large number of rooms in the house. It comprises the incredible screen of 123 inches and a 1000 watt sound system.

Jose’s Gaming Setup

Jose’s cool and clear looking gaming setup is one of game set up where one would like to play. It comprises 50-inch plasma HDTV, 234-inch Apple iMac computer, Play station 3 and Maxtor 1.5 terabyte HDD. In addition to this a list of game collection is presented by Jose, which comprises of 20 PS3 titles, including Assassin’s Creed 2, Killzone 2, Batman Arkham Asylum and more. Joe mounted the screen on a wall with minimal wire muddle, and being an admirer of fighting games, he has kept a huge collection of such games. Also an adorable set of furniture is set up in the gaming room to make you feel comfortable and to let the gamers enjoy.

Ultimate Theater and PS3 Gaming Lounge

An ultimate theater that provides you a complete gaming set up, with a Hitachi 57inch rear projection CRT HDTV, speakers, JVC DVD player and a Harman/Kardon AVR500 receiver, it is gaming lounge that will definitely be a choice of every gaming enthusiast. Using the home theater as the gaming lounge itself, this gets pimped with the PS3 that adds value to the entire set up and demands gamers to take a try at the extraordinary experience.

Beadboard Gaming set up

This gaming concept is the best for all the lazy people who love to enjoy games from their own perspective. This gaming set-up costs around $1,000 and also provides Wii, Xbox, PS3 and 61.5inch wide x 19inch deep x 32inch high screen placed on a complete set of table, that is crafted with a kiln-dried wood frame. It provides cabinets to settle up the CDs, DVDs or books scattered around and overall provides a classic and decent look.

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