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3D Printing is the next big thing

There’s so much being said about 3D printing and it’s a definite boon in many industries today. The technology used is quite similar to a normal printer – it is just that while a normal printer produces ink on paper, 3D printers puts layer itoms to create print or actual 3D objects.

3D Printing 2

How it works

Well, it is definitely interesting to say the least. The invention is not something that was developed over a short period of time. It used to called rapid prototyping and has been used for a number of years now. It was actually produced using CAD files or software and was made into 3D objects using machines. However, the issue is that plastics and metals need to be made from a different prototype. Here’s how 3D printing is going to change the future of the world-

  • Customized clothing

Customized clothing

Having customized clothing is one thing that definitely stands out as a fashion statement today. More people want to strut clothing that is only designed for them. Keeping this in mind, big brands are using 3D scans of their consumer bodies to make custom designed fits that will give perfect fit. 3D scan and fitting would even adjust to their customized movements.

  • Prosthetic limbs

Prosthetic limbs

One of the biggest positives of 3D printing comes with better causes; one such example is prosthetic limbs. A research firm called Not Impossible Labs has created prosthetic limbs for patients who have suffered from accidents or injuries. One of the biggest positives is that the cost to make one of the prosthetic limbs is at $100 and that is just a minute bit of what would be to conventionally produce it.

  • Replace anything, anytime

Replace anything, anytime

Replacing minute products that can make an appliance work just fine is a huge gap that needs to close. All of us have experienced stress because an appliance does not work thanks to the malfunctioning of a part of the device. You may not have to feel that anymore. With 3D printing, you can download plans for a replacement part and have it printed on your own printer. Yes, you would be able to fine 2500 replacement part from day to day items. Electrical appliance parts, manual car window cranks, door handles and so on. It is almost like giving life to your old appliances.

  • Pharmaceuticals

Custom made medicines

If things go the right way, there’s going to be a huge advantage with 3D printing in the medical space. With a simple 3D printer, we can spray pharmaceutical ingredients instead of plastic. Custom made medicines that can be made at home and thus reduce costs heavily.

  • Food and sweet industry

Food and sweet industry

Being able to make candies and sweets in nice and fancy shapes and sizes can be quite a seller. Exactly what you can make out of 3D printing, effortless creativity even when it comes to sweets! There’s quite a bit of effort that would go to it – but it would be definitely be a sweet idea!

  • 3D printed housing

3D printed housing

Your dream house is just a 3D sketch away! With 3D printing, you have your home design shared with the architect in no time. This would mean minimum work and swift, simple designs and effortless planning.

  • Organ transplants

Organ transplants

A key point for researchers in use of 3D printing is growing duplicates for human organs, making transplants relatively easy. Generally, while growing tissue, cell structure and full-grown organs are difficult, until you let 3D printing step in. With 3D printing, human cell can be harvested and multiplied and placed in the desired order to cultivate an organ.


It seems like 3D printing can be the solution to many problems that we face today. It is probably the biggest relief in many industries and thus we can definitely see it as the product for the future.

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