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Wakie – Social Alarm Clock – Review

Wakie has come up with an update to its latest lifestyle app called Wakie – Social Alarm Clock. Based on the ideas of an alarm clock and social interactions, Wakie wakes you up in a unique way. Check out how this app can help wake up fresh and happy every morning.

Appearance –

Wakie – Social Alarm Clockis a sort of human-to-human alarm clock that has been designed to have a friendly user interface. It appears simple yet fun when people in a global social community wake you up by giving you a morning call. You can see the name and picture of the person waking you up each morning. The app only allows registered and authentic people to call you up. It does not display any unnecessary information or features that could annoy you while waking up in the morning. Thus, it is a great way to wake up people or yourself in a heartwarming manner.

Performance —

This app works efficiently on all your Apple devices, including iPhone, iPad and iPad Touch. You may use it on any device running iOS 6.0 or later. The app has also been optimized for its use on iPhone 5. This high-performance app is very effective in waking you up in an innovative and interesting manner.

Ease of use —

Wakie – Social Alarm Clock is quite easy and quick to use. You automatically receive a casual call from an authorized community user at your set alarm time. There is only the need to receive the one-minute call that does not annoy you at all. You hear a quick warning after 50 seconds and the call disconnects itself after a minute. Thus, the app makes it simple to wake up happier.


Usefulness —

The app has made a community of its users that wakes people at their preferred time and without any noise or disturbance. You can receive free wake-up calls from attractive strangers around the world so you find it wonderful to wake up in a friendly manner. The app makes a caller’s choice by learning what attracts you and by matching it with the profiles of registered and authentic callers. It is a safe way to wake up, as the company is stringent about verifying its regular users. In fact, you can also choose to give a wake-up call to another user.

Value for money –

This free app that reflects high performance and quality, it is definitely a big “yes” to have this app on your smartphone or mobile device. You will surely receive a good value out of this innovative app.


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