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Costa Rica, because of its lush greens and deep blue ocean line, attracts 2 million tourists each year. Surrounded by water bodies on both east and west coasts, this little country in Central America adopted […]

Medical Tourism in Costa Rica

Cyprus has become one of the leading destinations for wellness and medical tourism worldwide. It is one of the early entrants in the European medical tourism sector with an established government initiative to further promote

Medical Tourism in Cyprus

Medical tourism in Colombia has been a growing importance in recent years. In the year 2019, Colombia earned over $615 billion, and this figure would definitely increase in time. Earlier, pre-covid estimate was 990.5 billion

Medical Tourism in Colombia

Global healthcare, medical tourism, and wellness tourism businesses are at the cusp of transformation. Growing awareness of health and wellness has been driving individuals to take a holistic view of their well-being creating ample opportunities

VR glasses for visualization of wellness tour

ITB Berlin, the world’s largest and the most prestigious travel meet held from 8th-12th March logged in 65,700 global visitors as it went live online for the first time as ITB Berlin NOW. Insightful presentations


The Cayman Islands is well set to be ranked high in medical tourism as it is for the Seven Mile Beach and Stingrays. Honestly speaking, tourism growth in the Cayman Islands has well surpassed the

medical tourism in Cayman Islands

In the last couple of years Kazakhstan has made a rapid progress in medical science and in the healthcare industry inspiring a sizeable chunk of international clientele to pour into this country for healthcare solutions.

Medical Tourism in Kazakhstan

Rising global health awareness with people seeking better and convenient avenues of healthcare and wellness has led to the creation of niche wellness and medical tourism sectors, two flourishing domains in the global tourism industry.

Tourism is an industry that has so many branches that can easily get you all confused. It has such vast concepts attached to itself, that today it has become the world’s fastest growing industry and

With the importance of holistic treatments, health and wellness tourism is rising rapidly amongst medical tourists. It is not surprising to see alternative wellness tourism and complementary spurting up as a separate industry in its

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