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Technology and Medical Tourism are two words that best complement each other. Medical tourism is gaining heights because of the technological advancement lending themselves to use for the medical tourism industry. Technological advancements have led […]

Role of Technology in Medical tourism Growth by Dr Prem

Funding in medical tourism businesses has picked up as the market emerges fresh with unique propositions. The need for medical tourism did not go away buthas become even more intense driven by many factors. The

how to get funding for your Medical Tourism Business

The growth and potential of emerging medical tourism industry is tremendous given the growing healthcare cost and rising incidences of non-communicable lifestyle diseases. Over 75% of healthcare insurers expect healthcare costs to rise in the

growth and potential of Emerging Medical Tourism Industry

A recent report suggests that the number of Canadians leaving the country to receive medical treatment overseas has increased drastically over the past few years. The study noted that over 52,000 Canadians opted for medical

Medical Tourism in Canada

Most of the media attention given to medical tourism focuses on the growing trend of Americans seeking out more cost-effective medical services in other countries due to the escalating prices of healthcare in the US.

Medical Tourism in US

Switzerland was one of the first health tourism destinations in the early 19th century when wealthy travelers came to spas. Prior to medical tourism became a full-fledged industry, local hospitals and clinics have treated well

Medical Tourism in Switzerland

Spain sees a rush of thousands of medical tourists every year, going in for Spanish healthcare centers, spas and hospitals. Every year, this number multiplies and soon it is expected to hit an astounding figure

Guide to Medical Tourism in Spain

Panama has long been a destination for beautiful vacations, but the government is beginning to realize the benefits of implementing a medical revenue stream in the tourism sector. The heavy medical tourism marketing and promotion

Medical Tourism in Panama

Lebanon has always been a prime cosmetic surgical destination in the Middle East and now is being recognized as a hot medical tourism location in the world. While witnessing their Middle Eastern counterparts so successful

medical tourism in Lebanon

The beautiful weather and sandy beaches of Malta bring in tourists all the year round. However, Malta is also making a name for itself within the EU for being a destination where tourists can relax.

Medical Tourism in Malta
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