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The concept of traveling to another country for medical treatment has been gaining a lot of popularity over the past few years. Termed as medical tourism, it is sought after by people living in developed […]

risks medical tourists face

With medical tourism on the mount, people across the world are traveling to different countries to avail cost effective, quality medical treatment programs, and healthcare facilities. It is because patients worldwide are enlarging their knowledge

The medical tourism industry in India is all set to get a new boost with the country’s decision to offer the visa-on-arrival option to 180 more countries. And according to the Joint Secretary of the

The Government of Kenya in its ‘Vision 2030’ has earmarked a few flagship projects between the years 2008-2012 which aim to provide autonomy of health institutions from the Ministry of health with a view to

It does not always happen that medical tourism benefits a country. In a few cases, it has also shown its damaging effects on the overall healthcare system. The health sector of some nations, such as

India is definitely one of the best contenders in the global market today for attracting medical tourists for various treatments and intricate surgeries. Among the different treatments provided in India, the one that is getting

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