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Until a decade ago, the possibility of opting for a sex reassignment surgery might have made you a social outcast. Fortunately though, the combination of globalization and modernistic thinking has led to several destinations around […]

Sex Reassignment Surgery Destinations in Medical Tourism

People are crossing borders to seek healthcare services in another country and this international phenomenon is termed as medical tourism. It is gaining popularity among urban and sub-urban residents of developed countries. Every new thing

Medical Tourism Advantages and Disadvantages

When dealing with medical tourists, it is imperative that the attending doctor gets access to the patient’s previous medical records in order to offer proper diagnosis and treatment. However, a lot of doctors treating medical

how easy access to medical records help patients in medical tourism

More and more individuals around the world are opting to travel overseas for medical treatments nowadays. This concept has become quite lucrative for several medical tourism destinations around the world, although not all of them

Choose the Right Medical Tourism Destination

Faith in science attracts health care seekers and accordingly, any groundbreaking invention draws millions to avail the specific treatment. Stem cell based therapy, one of the most talked about subjects in health care sector promising

Guide to Stem Cell Treatments in Medical Tourism

Many people go on medical travel in order to receive fertility treatment overseas. This is generally considered as an option because the treatment costs are higher in some nations and there are a few legal

fertility treatment

With the ever-growing popularity of medical tourism business, the number of medical tourism facilitator companies has witnessed a sharp rise lately. These medical tourism companies help the tourists to obtain medical treatments in foreign countries

choosing a medical tourism company

Opting for treatment in foreign locations means moving out of your comfort zone. Therefore, you have to possess a clear insight into not only the treatment process but all related aspects as well. That said,

effective communication for medical tourists

The quiet and bewitching sea beach enchantments, bright and sunny climate and stunning landscapes of Hawaii have attracted tourists over decades. Hawaii is a cynosure for tourists and its capital Honolulu, just like any other

Medical Tourism in Hawaii

Global obesity has tripled since 1976. Obesity is like a playground for a number of other ailments. WHO reports, more than 1.9 billion adults in 2016 above 18 years of age are overweight of which

A Comprehensive Guide to Weight Loss Surgery in Medical Tourism
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