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Medical tourism in Cuba generates revenue about 40 million dollars annually from the 20,000 visitors it attracts every year. Cuba has focused on the medical tourism business for about 40 years, making it one of […]

Medical Tourism in Cuba – News, Updates

Deciding for medical tourism is never easy as it is a complex process. Lots of concerns and apprehensions play in the patient’s mind. Medical tourism facilitators facilitate the decision-making process.

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In the last couple of years Kazakhstan has made a rapid progress in medical science and in the healthcare industry inspiring a sizeable chunk of international clientele to pour into this country for healthcare solutions.

Medical Tourism in Kazakhstan

When the biological parents are incapable of bearing a baby of their own, they take recourse to surrogacy. But even if they wish to avail this service, legal restrictions and lack of availability of sophisticated

Guide to surrogacy in medical tourism

Asia has always been a major attraction for medical tourists, and offers destinations ideal for medical tourism. China has been one Asian country where medical tourism industry is forthcoming very fast. Right from catering to

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