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Weird but innovative ways to go green

There is a green drive going to cut down the carbon footprints and make the world a better place to live. Developers and innovators come forwards with new ideas each day to create environmentally friendly products using advanced technology. Some of these ideas are quiet bright, some bizarre and other out rightly ridiculous. Here let us have a look at some green ideas that have become famous for their weirdness.

Lab meat


We all know the tremendous pressure farming of animals for meat puts on the ecology. meat if the biologist Dr. Vladimir Mironov is to be believed, now we need not to rear all the poultry and livestock for meat, and still enjoy. According to him, it would be possible one day to source the meat requirements of the world from laboratory where it is possible to grow cultured meat. The laboratory grown meat will also enable the consumers to exercise their choice concerning taste, texture and fat content of the meat.

Living Moss tiles


These unique tiles will enable us to bring in green space into our houses. The fireboard or aluminums based tiles have a cladding of mosses on them and are almost fully maintenance free. They need no irrigation, as they are adapted to absorb moisture from the atmosphere. They need little sunlight to survive and require little or no fertilization and pruning. You can dress your floor space with these elegant tiles or put them on the walls.

Burial Pod


If this burial pod comes into practice, then the traditional method of burying the dead will soon be a matter of past. Shaped like an egg, the pod is made of perishable materials. Designers Anna Citelli and Raoul Bretzel are positive about the popularity of these pods popular among people. After packing the dead body of a person within, you can bury the pod in the soil in a normal manner. Instead of a cross, they plan to plant a tree sapling atop it.

The sapling will take nutrients from the dead body, enabling it to grow fast. Over a period, a forest will grow on the burial site. The pod together with the remains of the dead will dispose of underneath. Thus instead of a horrid site, the burial place will transform into a lush forest. People can in turn perpetuate the memories through the tree that will grow on the dead body.

Pee in the shower

Peeing in the shower might seem somewhat culturally shocking and unhygienic to many, but this is what the green going scientists suggest you to do. Human urine is non-toxic. The infection develops in it later due to bacterial growth. Therefore, without any reservation, you can let the urine out even as you bathe. The urine will naturally drain out from the bathroom along with bath water. Just imagine the gallons of saving on water if all the people around the world practice it daily.

PrePeat Printer


This unique printer needs no ink and no paper. This device is useful for those who do not have to maintain a permanent paper record of the printouts. The printer uses a plastic sheet, instead of paper. It further uses thermal head to print texts and images. When you are done with it, reintroduce the sheet inside the printer and the printer will erase the old texts and overwrite them with new ones. This way the printer enables the user to print repeatedly, at least one thousand times, over a single sheet.

People come up with a number of ideas, some unique other weird, to follow a green lifestyle. Some of the ideas may appear literally weird to us, but they can go a long way in sustaining the environment.


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