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Breathtaking ceilings to liven up your décor

Usually walls and the rest of interior decorations attract our attention of visitors and nobody pays attention to the ceiling because it remains out of the sight and thus, people hardly pay attention to it.

However, this seems untrue in the case of following ceilings of some of the most famous structures across the globe. These ceilings are so special and unique that they probably are more attractive than any other parts of the entire structure.

Bridal Chamber at the Ducal Palace

The Gonzaga family between 14th and 17th century built Ducal Palace, also known as the Palazzo Ducale di Mantova, in Italy as their royal residence. Its bridal chamber, aka the Camera degli Sposi, or the “painted chamber” (the Camera picta) has many illusionistic paintings by Andrea Mantegna. The di sotto in sù ceiling is quite famous, as it represents a playful ceiling depicting an oculus that opens into a blue sky.

The Dome of Light

The Formosa Boulevard Station in Kaohsiung, Taiwan is a metro station but is no less than an art museum. Known for its “Dome of Light”, which is the largest glasswork in the world, the structure has a kaleidoscopic dome designed using 4,500 glass panels by Italian artist Narcissus Quagliata. It looks like a museum, an art installation, and is a proposed venue for weddings.

SLS Hotel, Las Vegas

If you have not, you must see the incredible ceiling with a giant floating face at the center of the bar SLS hotel’s casino in Las Vegas. It is a clever use of technology, as the face is an optical illusion. 2.1 million Multicolor LEDs placed in a box structure create a 3D appearance, which looks like a face protruding out and then hiding.

Heaven of Delight at the Royal Palace in Brussels

The Heaven of Delight, or the bug-infested ceiling as some call it, is a ceiling that looks like a painting at the very first glance. It is only after having a closer look at it that one realizes that it is not a painting but a ceiling design created using one million and six hundred thousand jewel-scarab wing cases.

Until 19th century, it was mandatory for Kings in Belgium to allow contemporary artists to add some unique beauty to the palaces. Heaven of Delight is artist Jan Fabre’s work, which he created with the help of 29 young artists. The glowing shells of jewel-scarabs glow in a greenish-blue light, depending on the angle you at them.

Some ceilings across the globe are quite different from the regular ones. They are so special and artistic that people cannot help but pay any attention to the ceilings more than rest of the structure.


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