These shoe gadgets are more useful than you thought

In the technologically advanced world of today, there is need for a gadget in every sphere of life. There are some gadgets like the ones designed for the shoe, which we tend to underestimate for their use. Here are a few that increase the life of your footwear and give health to your feet.

Shoe Sanitizer

Shoe Sanitizer

If you think that you do not need a shoe sanitizer as your shoes do not smell bad after you remove them, think again. It’s the bacteria,that are eliminated by the Shoe Sanitizing gadget. The germs and bacteria build up can cause diseases of the foot.

Shoe Care Innovations have come up with a gadget that makes use of the Ultra Violet light to make your foot wear 99.9% bacteria free. The best part is that no harmful chemicals are used in the process.

The SteriShoe UV sanitizerneeds to be inside your footwear for 45 minutes to make it 99.9% germ free. The sweat from the feet facilitates in the breeding of bacteria and fungi, which can cause diseases like athlete’s foot, pungent shoe odor and toenail fungus. As a safety feature if the gadget is removed from a shoe in the working condition, it will shut down automatically.

Portable Shoe Dryer

Portable Shoe Dryer

The portable shoe dryer is a cool gadget as it can be carried anywhere, it would occupy very less space in your baggage. You can use this gadget at home as well as when you travel. There is no need to hang the wet pair of your shoes in the sun and wait for them to be dried.

If you have travelled, somewhere and the only pair of shoes that you carried got wet. The shoe dryer gadget will be a savior for you. This gadget can dry all sorts of footwear, whether it is a leather shoe, sports shoe or a slipper.

The manufacturer claims that the dryer helps in the reduction of germ build up in the footwear. It will not only dry your footwear but also prevent your feet from fungus infections. You can also utilize this gadget to make your footwear warm in the cold weather.

Shoe dryer and deodorizer

Shoe dryer and deodorizer

This shoe dryer and deodorizer from ‘250 design’ features a stylish design and a useful concept. The gadget fits inside a shoe and dehumidifies the environment inside. Using water vacuum technology the gadget dries the inside of footwear. The gadget also inhibits the production of fungus and bacteria and hence prevents bad odor in the shoe.

In our opinion, the best use of the shoe gadgets is to provide health to our feet.They’re especially useful for people dealing with smelly feet problems, or for infection prevention for diabetics.


Dr Prem Jagyasi

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