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Things to do for keeping your home air clean

We all talk much about air pollution, but few understand that the quality of air inside your home can be bad as compared to the air quality outside. The air is polluted outside but it is not good inside as well, in fact, the amount of impurity can be greater in the air inside your home.

We do not spend much time outside, it is home where we spend a great deal of time in our lives, and the air pollution inside a home is a big concern for health specialists’ world over. Poor air quality is detrimental for your health; therefore, you must keep anything that can make the home air impure out of your home. You can take following measures to ensure that the air quality in your home is pure.

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Know the pollutants

You ought to know all the indoor air pollutants, which are pretty adept at making your life vulnerable, some of them can even be fatal. The fatal ones are Carbon Monoxide, which is a deadly gas that accounts for around 500 annual deaths and numerous sick cases. The smoke, be it a cigarette smoke or coming from automobiles, can cause serious respiratory tract infections, lung and heart problems, and even cancer. Yet another harmful gas that is found in home is Radon gas. It is second deadliest gas after cigarette smoke that is usually found in many homes. It is silent, does not have any odor, and is a cause of lung cancer.

Install a carbon monoxide detector

Install a carbon monoxide detector

Carbon monoxide is an odorless deadly gas that accounts for nearly 500 deaths every year, and innumerable sick cases in which people have to undergo serious medical procedures. One of the early symptoms of carbon monoxide sickness is the flu. If you get flu repeatedly, or if your pets also start falling sick too often, and you feel yourself better outside your home, then probably it is a case of carbon monoxide pollution in your home.

To save yourself, your family and pets from the harmful effects of this pollutant, you should install carbon monoxide detectors in your home. Moreover, seek professional help in order to ensure the proper functioning of all the fuel-burning appliances in your home. Doing this can make your home a carbon monoxide proof place.

Do not keep a start car

Do not keep a start car or run any fuel-burning engine in the garage

If you burn a fuel indoors, as in the garage, you are increasing the level of carbon monoxide in the air inside. Suppose you start your car parked in the garage, or turn on the lawnmower kept in the garage. What will happen is the fumes coming out from them will keep running in the enclosed spaces, and whenever you enter, there you inhale that deadly poisonous gas. In kitchens also, only use gas stoves and heaters that have their vent outside the house.

Test for Radon

Test for Radon

Radon is an invisible, killer gas. It causes lung cancer in non-smokers, and accounts for thousands of deaths on yearly basis. It is impossible to detect the presence of radon gas in your home, as it is an invisible and odorless gas. It has a natural occurrence in soil and rocks, and the only way to detect its presence is a radon test, which is not that expensive.

dry cleaning chemicals

Beware of the dry cleaning chemicals

The chemicals used in the dry cleaning process are extremely toxic. Therefore, do not bring clothes direct inside your home after dry cleaning. Let them hang outside in air for some time, so that the harmful chemicals go away with the air.


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