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How to Make Your Garden Look like an Oasis

Make Your Garden Look like an Oasis

If you have an unused backyard in your home, you most probably would want to transform it into a garden of sorts. You can create a backyard oasis in many different ways to offer a welcome break for family and friends. Here are some useful tips that would help you along the way.

Plant Lush Yet Low Fuss Plants

Opt for multiple layers of plants to ensure that your garden truly looks like an oasis. You must plant shady trees, low-lying covers and even shrub plants to camouflage the entire backyard. Opting for multiple plants gives a layering effect to your garden that hides the surroundings (including tall fences or walls) effectively and makes your garden look like a tropical desert.

Stone Accents

Using stone accents in your backyard garden would give it a natural touch. While you can opt for key stone or limestone that contain coral reef, black river rock are good to cover the ground between stones and pavers. If you were not able to get the rocks, another suitable alternative would be to sprinkle some coarse salt on wet concrete and press it into the surface, thereby creating a textured look.

Water Features

A water feature in a garden would make it look greener, beautiful and more tranquil. Opt for water fountains for a more dramatic look, if you have the space and budget for it. If not, find out alternate ways to incorporate a water feature in the garden. An excellent example would be to use a small decorative pot or container for the same purpose.

Cheerful Vines

Add more bursts of color to your garden oasis by opting for cheerful vines like bright pink bougainvilleas. You can also plant golden trumpets and passion flowers at regular intervals in the garden to break the predominant green pattern. These plants would survive beautifully under sunshine and make your backyard look extremely beautiful the year around.

Opt for Green, green and more green

While some individuals tend to stop at a certain stage, there is always no limit to add greenery to your backyard. Green has a cooling, calming effect on the surroundings and makes the backyard soothing during hot summers. Opt for various shades of greens to create interesting patterns. Also, opt to diversify textures by mixing different sized/shaped leaves together. This would make your backyard look greener and more interesting.

Orchids as Tropical Accents

Orchids are widely known to grow in tropical climates. Striking and extremely exotic, they can transfer your backyard into a tropical oasis. While they usually grow on branches and the sides of giant trees, you can tuck them in pots among green plants or hang them in decorative baskets from tree branches. This way, you can ensure their nutrition (from the bark of trees) and use them to transform your backyard into an exotic oasis in the process.

Wildflowers to Attract Butterflies

A garden has no charm without wildlife. You can transform your garden into a natural habitat for butterflies and hummingbirds by planting yellow bulbines and purple Mexican salvias in the open areas in your backyard. In addition to creating a colorful habitat, these plants would ensure that your backyard remain filled with beautiful butterflies throughout the year.


Transforming your backyard into an oasis is not that hard a task provided you are willing to put some time, effort and dedication. Follow these tips to make your backyard garden look greener, livelier and more tranquil.

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