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Cool and Creative Coffee Tables for Your Living Areas

<![CDATA[A coffee table can really change the look of a living space. It can create a focal point in an otherwise dull room. While most of us tend to opt for standard coffee tables that are more functional than creative, here are some designs that take creativity to a completely new level, while serving their essential purpose.


The Wood-Glass Coffee Table

Prized at $4800, the Wood-Glass Coffee Table has been built out of wood and glass. The two elements, wood and glass, have been used in a way that it looks like a stream of water running in between the Grand Canyon. A cool way to mimic natural topography we think.

The Clear Blue Water Coffee Table

Here is another coffee table that was probably designed keeping Mother Nature in mind. Priced at $9939, the coffee table has been made using glass and wood. It has been designed in a way that it looks like a clear blue lake of water suspended on top of the table. Definitely, the Clear Blue Water Coffee Table is one of the pieces that would become the focal point in your living area.


The Nature Coffee Table

Designed by Dahle Hulma, this coffee table blends in just the right amount of nature and contemporary design to create a stunning focal piece in your living space. The coffee table comes with its very own built-in bonsai tree to make the surrounding space look bigger, brighter, healthier and more eco-friendly.


The Family Use Coffee Table

A coffee table can double as several other furniture pieces in the living space. Importantly, everyone in the house, from adults to kids, can use it and have their own space on the table. Check out this design, which rather than being a coffee table can be used in many other ways.


The Gold Balloons Coffee Table

You have to see it to believe it. Even then, it would take at least a few minutes for you to realize that the coffee table is safe and not about to fall down at the slightest touch of your hand. Priced at $9939, this coffee table comes with a glass top and a bunch of golden enamel balloons beneath it. The balloons look as if they are holding up the tabletop. From a distance, the tabletop seems to float on these balloons, creating a truly luxurious and whimsical effect.


The Customized Message Coffee Table

How cool would a coffee table be if it were able to give a message to everyone who sees it? Here is a custom-made coffee table carved out of wood that comes with the message SHAZAM. Of course, you can opt to add your own message or name to the design. Add this unique coffee table to your living space and you will have guests clamoring to get a good look at it.


The Moss Covered Coffee Table

Check out another eco friendly coffee table design by designer Verdi Profolio. Integrating nature and creativity beautifully, the coffee table comes with a bright green mossy growth beneath the glass tabletop. You will fall in love with this eco-friendly coffee table for sure.


A unique coffee table can spruce up the living space instantly. Here are some of the most creative coffee table designs we have come across. You can buy one of them or use as inspiration to create your own unique coffee table designs.]]>


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