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Learn to bring out the best in your gifted child

Being blessed with a gifted child is truly one of the biggest and most precious blessing parents can have. It is a matter of pride for parents to have such children, and it is of paramount importance for the parents to acknowledge the gifted talent in their children and accordingly arrange for the means to nurture the special talent in their child.

Parents should do every possible thing to enhance their child’s potential. On the other hand, they should be very careful that they never pressure their child and even themselves to maximize the potential. Parents can create many problems for themselves as well as for the child if they use pressuring the child as a tactic. You and your gifted child can suffer from serious emotional and developmental problems like conflict, stress, and anxiety.

In order to escape all these negative outcomes, parents should learn to avoid pressure related to the fact of having a gifted child. Following are some tips, which every parent with a gifted child must follow.

Love your child regardless of his gift

Acknowledging your child’s talent and to take pride on it is a good thing, but do not go overboard. Your child’s special gift should not be the only reason for you to be proud of him/her, or to love him/her. If you do so, your child would get a feeling that the love of parents is dependent on talent.

This feeling with time turns into insecurity, as the child feels that poor performance with their talent could lead to loss of love from parents. Therefore, you need to make your child realize that your love is unconditional and it will never fade away, even if he does not live up to your expectations.

Encourage your child to follow other activities

Nurture your child’s special talent but also make them learn other activities and talents. Make him realize that other activities are equally important to learn. Suppose your child is a good singer, try to introduce him to sports, dancing, and other activities that will help him with his overall development.

Let your child enjoy life to the fullest

Do not burden your child with too many expectations; give them a breathing space to enjoy life. If you will push him too hard to meet your expectations, the poor child will be in stress and his performance will fall down instead of going up. So, encourage your child to indulge in fun activities also.

Always comfort your child

Gifted children always feel that they have to be the best and perfect. At times, when they do not match up to their own expectations, they get disheartened. At such times, parents have to act as comforting figures who can give solace to children, and make them understand that sometimes it is fine to not be a perfectionist. Teach them that failures are a part of everybody’s life and they make us stronger.

Do not take go overboard with pride

Taking pride on the gifted abilities in your child is good but make sure you do not do too much of this. Do not brag too much about your child, as this will hinder his identity development or the child can also become over confident and might lose the talent.

Do not try too hard to be a perfect parent to your gifted child

A gifted child undoubtedly needs special attention and care but there is no need for the parents to over focus on their parenting tactics. If you will start trying to become perfectionist parents then it might affect your mental and physical health.

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