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Surviving in your home during a disaster

Natural disasters are not in anyone’s control but surviving them can be planned. If you get caught in a natural disaster without any preparation then the consequences will be very bad. That is why you need to prepare you and your family for bad times and also find ways in order to survive a natural disaster at home. Your preparation will be of great help when you face a natural disaster. Most of the places across this globe get struck with natural calamities such as tornados and floods every now and then. This should encourage you even further to learn ways in which you can be prepared for any such calamity.

Ways to survive a natural disaster

The first requirement will be of food so you have to stock as per needs. You can stay good from the stocks in your pantry for quite some time but still you have to plan ahead. Getting fresh food is next to impossible in such hard times so you have to stock the canned goods which can remain good and eatable for a long time. You can stock food products such as powdered milk or powdered eggs in your inventory and even canned products such as juices would be a good idea.

If you are able to use the stove then there could be nothing better than that but if that is not a possibility then you can use the camp stoves instead. One of the best ways to cook food in such hard times is on rocket stove or the stove that is made by putting together bricks. Water is essential and surviving without it would be difficult so even if you have bad water in stock do not consider it useless. You can treat the water and then use it for your uses.

One of the most reliable ways to treat the bad water is boiling it and everyone knows it. You can also treat the bad water from chemicals but that process has a lot of side effects and that could be harmful. Surviving in a natural calamity is tough but with a little pre planning you can survive and fight with the hardships that follow. You will have the energy required to fight with the food you have stored and the water of course. Natural disasters do not knock before entering so start preparing for them right away.

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