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Seven Ways to Rethink Your Under-Used Rooms

Have you realized the fact that you home is no longer the best fit for your family and you? Here are 7 ways to re-think about your under used rooms. The first and for most thing which you need to do is, prepare a list of rooms in your home. If you are having any plans then write about your plans too beside every room in your list. This would help you to get your things done easily and effectively. Prepare another list regarding the rooms which you wish to have in your home. Now, compare these 2 lists and plan if any room suits for dual purpose.

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Office space: Each of us will use our guest rooms very rarely. Thus, we can use the guest room as our new office room too. Replace the bed in your guest room with a Murphy bed. You can save lots of space in the guest room in this way. Thus, you can use it for office purpose when guests are not there. You can use the Murphy bed when the guests arrives your home. In this way you can use your guest room as your new office room too.

Simple tips to decorate a living room

Family room: You can use your dining room as family room too. However, you can also use your dining room as kitchen too. It will definitely look fabulous.


Homework nook: You can convert your kid’s homework room into a computer cabinet with internet facility. As your kids will go to school in the morning and return in the evening to home you can use the homework room as a computer cabinet too.


Laundry room: You can also use the laundry room in your home as either pet grooming area or mudroom.

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Living room: If you have a formal living room in your home then you could use it as library too. Have a comfortable chair there and read your favorite books. As you will not be using your formal living room often you can use it in this way. Moreover, library adds a great look to your formal living room.


Great room: If you are having a very large great room then you can use it for various purposes like for playing games, dining and for studies. You can also use it as living room too.


Wide hall-way: You can use this area to store your unnecessary things.



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