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Simple tips to decorate your home in a sustainable manner

We have been deteriorating our environment continuously and with the growing awareness about the need to go green people are now in an effort to incorporate the green way into their lives. Here are ten tips that would help you decorate your house the greenest way possible without the need of spending much.


If you are about to paint only a small section of house you can ask the various recycling depots to exchange your leftover paint for a new one. This eliminates the need to buy new paint.
Materials like pinecones, seashells and driftwood if used creatively can prove to be very useful in adding to the beauty and elegance of your interior by providing it a different and rustic feel.
Your old wooden furniture can be reused creatively and bring them back to life for example old wooden television stand or bookshelves can be modified and used for the laundry room or the mudroom.
Various environmentally friendly materials, such as certified sustainable wood, cork, bamboo and linoleum, can be used for flooring to make your place look unique.

The commercial cleaning products are not only costly but also have a great impact on the environment because of the fumes they give off. Instead of using cleaner materials, such as vinegar, you can use lemon and water effectively for cleaning purposes, as they are also healthier.
Instead of disposable items like razors and batteries, you should try to use rechargeable or reusable versions of the same since using disposable items means adding to the great amount of landfill waste.
Lamps and lightings made from recycled paper and reused wood should be preferred over traditional lamps since the former do not use natural resources as energy providers and are also more attractive than the traditional ones.

post-consumer toilet paper
You should reduce your dependence on paper for various uses. Instead of using paper towels, you should go for sponges or cloth, since you can use them for long duration. Printing should be done on both the sides of the paper. You should use post-consumer toilet paper because it does not contain chlorine.
Signing up with websites such as will help you to exchange items with other members and get new things that you want.


Here are some tips to help you go green while decorating your home and do your bit to save the environment planet, and thus planet.


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