Sneak healthy foods into your child’s diet

It is easy to buy and prepare healthy foods for the children. The hard part is getting your child to eat those nutritious foods. Parents often get frustrated during the mealtime and wonder if their children are having proper nutrients or not. In case you are dealing with similar problems, checkout the following list to see ways you can introduce healthy foods in your child’s diet.


It contains Omega-3 fatty acids needed for development for brain. Flaxseed is available at stores as whole or ground but according to research, the body better absorbs ground Flaxseed. Sprinkle ground flaxseed onto cereal or into the batter of sweet treats like Apple upside-Down Cake or Banana-Cinnamon Waffles. To give a healthy boost to baked items add a quarter cup of flour with ground flaxseed in your child favorite bread, muffin, bread, or pancake recipe.


You must be thinking there is no way to make your child eat tofu. Though they will not eat when served as it is, tofu become kid’s favorite when served with a creamy base in smoothies and desert. It is very healthy for kids and contains protein, B vitamins, calcium, and iron all needed for the proper growth and bone health.

Sweet Potato

Sweet Potato is a very nutritious and healthy vegetable. It contains vitamin A that is very good for eyes and works like an anti-oxidant in the body. These sweet potatoes are popular among babies because of their sugariness or bright color. Once kids get older, they almost forget it. Whenever you need a side dish, try a baked sweet potato and serve it with a cinnamon sugar and vanilla yogurt.


A small amount of good bacteria, known as probiotics, helps to keep your little babies stomachs happy and healthy. Yogurt is the great source of these bacteria. For the good health of your kids, choose plain nonfat or low-fat yogurt or Greek yogurt and dress them up with a spoonful of honey and sprinkling of fresh fruit. Yogurt has more calcium than a cup of milk.


Hummus is a food that your kids will definitely eat, as long as you don’t tell them it’s made from beans. It contains complex carbs, fiber, and protein. The complex carbs energize your busy little kids, while the protein and fiber help keep him satisfied until dinner. You can serve hummus as a dip with baked pita chips or use it as an alternative of mayonnaise on sandwiches and wraps.


With the above nutritious food items every parent can set a perfect healthy diet plan that your children will enjoy without being prejudiced against the ingredients.


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