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Ridgewater art students transform junk to life-size sculptures

gettin away

Students of Ridgewater College have displayed their creativity by designing amazing life-size sculptures from found materials. Under the instruction of Marjorie Nilssen, this semester the introductory studio art class gave the students to bring out their creativity and talent. They were given assignments wherein they had to create sculptures by recycling materials that were considered nothing more than waste.

The sculptures were exhibited in the hallways outside the college’s art gallery and theater. The sculpture, named ‘Enceinte’, a carving of a round, hugely pregnant woman sitting in a round chair in the corner was also on display. A desk lamp became the glowing face of the woman, while the belly is made from a large exercise ball, and her arms are Diet Coke cans. The whole thing is wrapped in toilet paper that is embossed with a rose design.

The exhibition showcased many interestingly designed sculptures like a metal sculpture of a man running, a wooden figure of a child sitting on a stool, a tall figure of a man painted black built out of 2-by-4s found materials. One sculpture that won hearts of many was “Gettin’ Away”. Designed by Calvyn Mooney is made from rods he found in his family’s fence post pile. All he did was, he crafted it into a figure of a running man that rocks when it’s touched.

Via: WestCentralTribune

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