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Planning a perfect Luxury Bedroom

Our bedroom is our sanctuary, where we unwind and relax after the day’s hard work to rise up fresh again the next morning. All the more reason to desire a luxury bedroom. If you are looking to design one such bedroom , go ahead and discover some great tips.



Planning a perfect Luxury Bedroom

With a luxury bedroom, you do not hold back on anything, be it the bed, the lights, the cushions, the covers, anything ! Do keep these tips in mind when you plan on creating perfection in that luxury bedroom of yours.

  • Pick a theme – It is very important to start with a theme when you start designing a room. The theme could be anything, a color scheme or even an exotic place or destination. Pick one and centre all your purchases for your designs on it being the main focus.
  • The bed – The most important piece of furniture in your bedroom is the bed. So give it all the importance it deserves. The bed should be the focal point . Place it facing the window to make most of natural night. Also placing it against an accent wall will add extra drama. Use the best fabrics and cushions and mattresses for your bed. Choose comfortable beds and treat it as an investment instead of an expense. Choose the best sheets and the fluffiest pillows for a truly luxurious feeling. Buy ones that you would find in a luxury hotel bedroom. They can change your whole sleeping experience.


  • Colors – Use soothing colors for your bedroom to relax , sit back and bask in comfort. Blues and greens inspired from nature have a soothing effect on the mind so use them to your advantage. Add a dash of color on your walls , floor or ceiling but keep it minimal so as not to be too visually stimulating.
  • Lights – Lights can create all the difference in a luxury room and one that is not. Without proper lighting, all your efforts would go to waste. Lights can also create several moods, ranging from soothing to bright to romantic. Have multiple sources of recessed light instead of just one bright  light fixture to create a true feel of luxury.
  • Smells – Ever noticed how in a luxury hotel bedroom ,they pay equal attention to the smells and how they create such a difference? Smells matter so give the same treatment to your bedroom. Keep it simple and heavenly with natural smells of oils or incense. Let the fresh air get in more often so that the air can circulate well.

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