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Make leopard prints work on your walls

Animal prints are everywhere , from clothes to shoes, from handbags to other accessories. Of them all, leopard print is the most popular. Why should it not work on your walls as well? Find out how to make  leopard prints on your walls.


Make leopard prints work on your walls

  • The right size – The best way to make leopard prints work for you is to consider the size of your room before deciding to go for it. When you paint the entire room in dark shades it tends to make your room appear smaller. If you have limited space, instead of dotting up the entire walls in leopard print, use the style as an accent on a wall. You also do not have to stick to typical leopard print in small dots. Add more drama by doing only a part of the wall in leopard print in larger than life sizes. If you are not really sure about the whole wall, you can even try out any shape, like a heart or a circle on a part of the wall and the fill it up with the print, which works well too.
  • Colors –  The first colors that pop up in your mind when you think ‘leopard’ are yellow, brown and black. However, the best part about the leopard print is that you can go creative with it and experiment with various colors and styles. You do not have to stick to only yellow and brown and black. You can add a twist by adding pink instead of yellow in the print. You can forego the yellow altogether and leave only the brown and black outlines blank . This works really well if you are working with another color in the background , like a green or a blue. What you will get as a result is a great looking wall, with a leopard print but one that has its own personality. If you have a yellow wall, then just make the outlines of the spots in brown and black. It is effortless and looks great.
  • Never go overboard – The leopard print has so much drama that only a small amount is more than enough to add personality to a room. The lesser you use it, the better it works for you. Going overboard with it might make you feel like you are on some jungle safari, and not in a good way.
  • DIY – Leopard prints are easy to make on your walls and the good part is you can do them yourself at home. All you need is paint, sea sponge, a paint roller and some brushes. Try out simple patterns and work your way into ambitious designs later on.

Dr Prem Jagyasi

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