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Tips to choose colors for a small bedroom

choose colors for a small bedroom

If you have an apartment that is small, you do not have to worry about not being able to decorate it just because of a lack of space. With just the right colors, you can make your bedroom stylish and even bigger.

Tips to choose colors for a small bedroom

  • Colors –Choosing colors for any room is an art. Different colors have different psychological connotations on a person. Red can speed your heart rate and pump up blood making it the ideal color for your living room, green has a calming effect and works great for fertility, hence making it the choice for the bedroom, yellow for the kitchen , etc. There is no reason you can’t keep these factors in mind while coloring your bedroom just because it is small in size. The key is smart blending.
  • How to use colors – Use colors which maximize space by giving you that illusion. Whites can make a room look bigger than it actually is. But the downside to it is, it might be a bit boring so tune it up with a lighter shade of any color that you like and paint just one wall with it. Contrasting colors are fine but with limited space, it will just accentuate the lack of space so forego that aspect. Instead try to blend in the colors of the walls, the floors and the ceiling. Doing this will make your room appear bigger than it actually is.
  • Lights- Make room for natural light as much as you can. If natural light is a luxury not easily available, then maximize whatever little you have of it by using the right light and colors. Light colors reflect more light, illuminate the room and make it look bigger. Light up corners, give them attention, doing this will also help in making the room appear bigger.
  • Furniture- Try to get furniture which complement the color of the rest of the room, the colors on the walls, ceiling, etc. Contrasting colors again won’t work at all and will just make the space look smaller. If you really want to add a dash of color, go for one furniture item which is colorful, like a red bean bag or a cobalt chair. Do not go for excess furniture, only the items you really need.
  • Mirrors – Mirrors can work well as an enhancer to your space. It will create the illusion of space . However, do not go overboard with mirrors. A singular, long mirror on the wall will serve the purpose.

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