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The popularity of sardines and salmon-delicacies is on surprising because of their high nutritional value. And, such oily sea fish – rich in vitamins A and D — is thus, no surprisingly, a favorite for especially the health conscious people.

Be it.

The Brazilian government was on Wednesday set to announce near record deforestation rates in the Amazon rainforest, the world’s leading source of biodiversity and fresh water.
The rates of deforestation in the Amazon rainforest had reached its near..

Amazon deforestation rate plunges

It has always been an effortless assumption that high rises and skyscrapers in cities help break thunderstorms’ strength preventing it from causing the maximum destruction, as compared to that of an area with least building structures – where a storm.

fierce storms in cities

The guns they hold are not to protect humans but to protect animals from poachers and rebel militia. Armed rangers take on the difficult task to protect the apes in Congo. Their relationship with the flora and fauna is intense, coupled with an…

Rain forests are the lungs of the earth, everyone is aware of their need to be conserved. The last of Earth’s living natural heritage seem to have unlikely champion amongst insects.

A new study suggests that plant-eating insects in tropical forests..

Can bugs help conserve rain forests

Present is a key to the past, but past holds the key to the future. The sudden change in climate set the evolution process at par with extinction, resulting in the disappearance of a vast number of species. Reason? Lets find out.

Nearly 90…

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