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Savannas, a main terrestrial biome comprises of a dynamic mix of trees and grasses that encompasses open woodlands and grassland. Savannas are frequently seen as a transitional zone, between forest regions and desert regions and are also much…

Australia give up the world's last great savannas to drought

Would you have thought that a furry, gentle squirrel could stand its ground and fight a deadly, rattling killer snake? It very much does; in fact, it takes the supposedly suicidal stance of sand kicking, attacking and waving its tail to the snakes..

The Great Lakes, the largest group of fresh water lakes on Earth seem to be getting deprived of more and more water. The reason for the same seem to be in dispute, with some are leveling blame at the changing climate, new rainfall patterns, others at.

Great lakes in Peril

Recently, the Red Data book of the Bird Life International (BLI), has listed about 189 endangered species. BLI will be launching the world’s most ambitious bird conservation project. However, conservationists are running out of time to save the…

The British Isles are resident to around 2500 moth species, of which over 300 species are garden moths. While moths in general are in decline in Britain, one particular species the Common Clothes Moth is seeing an unprecedented rise in its population….

Booming Moth Population in Britain

Yet another nemesis of climate change, a deadly virus -that has already ravaged mainland Europe – has expanded further northwards killing 1.8 million animals since its first appearance in Europe in 1998.

It was in June this year, a sentinel animal on.

Rainforests are known to be our savior from global warming, but a new revelation has sent shivering waves around the globe. It has been found that global warming impacts rainforests badly. Meaning that our saviors are themselves under threat.


Miners working in a brown coal mine, in the north-eastern city of Bukkabrany, were the first, to uncover several tree trunks that had been turned into coal, this drew the attention of archeologists and they dug further.

Thanks to an ancient sand…

Eight million years old ancient forest found in Hungary

A tremor hit Spain last night suddenly waking people from their sleep. So far, no damage to lives or property has been reported.

Spain is vulnerable to earthquakes for its location on the convergent plate boundaries between the African and…

With all the research aimed at saving tortoises, a Florida tortoise entombment scheme actually kills tortoises rather than conserves them. The pave and pay plan has killed a lot of these magnificent creatures in Florida. Although, the plan is to…

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