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UN says: Biofuel production from crops a crime


Converting food crops to fuel is a crime against humanity. This is what the United Nations Special Rapporteur mentioned at a meeting recently. When there are millions of people going hungry, we cannot use the crops for producing bio fuels. So, moratorium is probably a good idea.

Statistics tell us that there are about 854 million hungry people throughout the world. With that many people, it would be a retarded idea to burn up crops for alternative fuels. Instead the crops can be used for their primary purpose: food.

If we look at the problems from this angle, then there is some justification to the critics of the bio fuel. Keeping all these things in perspective, U.N. food experts are thinking about sanctioning a moratorium. This means, there will be temporary suspension on the use of food crops for bio fuels, which makes perfect sense.

With the introduction of bio fuels, the price of several basic commodities have seen a hike.Jean Ziegler, an independent consultant to the U.N. Commission on Human Rights believes:

The scientific world is progressing very quickly, in five years it will be possible to produce biofuel and biodiesel from agricultural waste.What has to be stopped is the transformation (of food crops) now, to stop the growing catastrophe of the massacre of hunger in the world.

In other words, due to the crisis in food crops, Food experts believe that it is in our best interest to stop using food crops for bio fuels. Such usage of food crops has some negative consequences and could easily be avoided by imposing a moratorium.

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