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Inflatable swimming pools are the best option for people who love a poolside in their house but don’t have much space around the home. This will give them a chance to enjoy in water during scorching summer days. Inflatable swimming pools are fastest and the easiest way to relax and enjoy the summer in the backyard of the home. It is very simple and quick option to build the swimming pool. You don’t need to spend much money and time for the pool. It is like a temporary pool and you can shift it very easily to another place. It doesn’t cost you at all to install it in your backyard. You can easily set up this pool without much efforts. You just need to have a flat surface area, blow the air in the collar and add water into it. The inflatable swimming pool requires only two steps and the enjoyment starts immediately. The collar floats to the top of the pool with the rugged walls. Here we present you six inflatable swimming pools to keep you cool during the summer.

1. Inflatable swimming pool:

Inflatable swimming pool

These pools are generally made up of interlaced polyester fiber with the thickening of 0.65-0.09 mm. It has three layers of such materials for long use. Special clothes are used with the PVC coat along with polyester to strengthen the quality of the material. The swimming pool material is of very good quality to give the maximum durability. The material gives air-proof performance with the greater intensity. Generally, the dimensions of pool are fixed, however you can specify them as per your requirement to get the customized inflatable pool. Large size pools are also available in sizes like: length 20-40m, width 10-20, water depth 0.8-1.5 m. Two or three air cell layers are required for this kind of pool. Large size pools are generally fixed to the ground.

2. Inflatable Pools No.: LIP-6:

Inflatable Pools No LIP-5

LIP 6 is the large inflatable pool category. Pools made in this category are larger than the average category. They are made up of the same material like normal inflatable pools.

3. Insta Pools:

Insta Pool

Insta pools are the favorite pools among children. They come with all the sizes like regular, medium and large. Insta pools make the kids to swim in an instant. Generally, Insta pools are available in round shapes. They come in different sizes to suite any size of the backyard. This is the main reason of being very popular. They can be fit in very small backyard too. They are available in 3 sizes with 3.04m, 3.66m and 4.57 m diameters. The wall height changes accordingly. Wall height is 0.7m, 0.91m and 1.07 m respectively. With the Insta pools, you get some useful accessories. The pool is supplied with the pump which helps you to fill the pool instantly, filter, ladder, ground sheet and the cover. This makes your pool a whole fun package to kids. You can enjoy the summer with joy. Insta pool comes with six months warranty. This can vary with different dealers.

4. Inflatable swimming pool:

inflatable swimming pond

You can make a splash this summer by enjoying it in inflatable in-ground swimming pool. You can have all the excitement and thrill of the water park in the in-ground swimming pool. You can enjoy the summer with your entire family in the backyard. In ground pools come in almost every size to suite your backyard. There are number of models available with different themes and designs so that you can chose from variety of items. Pool slides are available for the in-ground pool in different heights ranging from three feet to eight feet. You can choose the height according to the age of your children. They are available in two options. One is of permanent type where you fix the pool location and cannot change it. And in another type you can set up the pool without permanently fixing it so that you can move it wherever you want. Inflatable swimming pool slides use standard garden hose to provide the water flow. Built-in slides are available with the inflatable pools.

5. Bestway 10’ Swimming pool:

Bestway Pool

This pool comes in different sizes and designs. The height of this pool is 10 feet. This is a very popular swimming pool among kids. You can set up this pool very quickly in your backyard and can be easily move anywhere. The slides are come along with the pool. Water pump and filter are also supplied with the pool. These pools are available in very exciting shapes and designing, making your swimming more enjoyable.

6. Bestway 10’ Fast Set Pool:

Bestway 10'Fast Set Pool

This pool is 10 feet in height. It is one of the best pools to enjoy summer with your family. It is made up of PVC coated special material along with the polyester. It has an easy flow control drain valve. This valve can be attached to the garden hose. It helps to drain away water. This pool is very easy to set up and also you can take it down easily for the off season for storing. It consists of heavy duty repair patch with it. DVD is provided along with this swimming pool to illustrate the method of setting up the pool. The weight of this pool is approximately 10 Kilograms and it has capacity to store 960 gallons of water.

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