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Home alone: Tips to check if your tween is ready

Home alone tween

Do not worry, if leaving your kid alone at home. Take this a new part of parenting. Nurture him with more responsibility. This would be a new experience for you to handle your child and moreover, your kid will learn independence and self- assurance. In fact, the best time to prepare your child for this. This can be taken as a trial for both parents and child, whether your child can manage without supervision or not.

These are confident reasons to leave your child alone at home

Few things parents really need to consider before leaving kids alone at home:

1. Does your child feel comfortable being alone?

If your child feels fear over being left alone, or have ever undergone through some bad experience, then you really need to reconsider him/er completely alone at home. If s/he is enough mature emotionally then only you should take this risk of leaving alone.

2. Does your child show some signs of responsibility?

It’s really very important to know if your child understands things like doing homework on his own, follow safety measures, knows about basic first aid procedures or actually follows the instruction of staying away from the strangers.

3. Is your neighborhood safe?

This is something which is of grave concern for parents. Drop the idea of leaving your kid alone, if you live in an unsafe area. It could be a major risk, in fact.

4. Does your child know what to do if some emergency arises?

Educate your child for this. Give him all the required information. Teach him/er what an emergent situation is actually called. Your kid must know when and whom to call in case of fire and how to handle if a stranger calls or knocks.

5. Does your child understand the locks?

Make sure that your kid knows how to lock and unlock the door safely. Else, this can trouble both of you.

6. Is your child capable to manage siblings?

If the kids have a habit of fighting, then better not to leave them together. And if s/he is enough capable to handle the siblings as well, and then feel free for leaving your kids alone.

Ground rules for home

Let your home be friendly in terms of rules. What else you can do is, can fix few things to check your kids:

1. Set up a schedule time for calling:

Call your child for once or twice just to check about the safety. Also, make him understand a convenient time for both of you. Tell him, in advance if you might not be able to answer his/er call.

2. Leave goods in proper supply:

Check it once before leaving that your child has enough goods available at home. Stock the kitchen with plenty of nutrients for your him/er. Keep medication bottles away from the reach of your children.

3. TV, Internet and Friends

Just make sure that your child understands the time. S/he must be capable of understanding the value of both, homework and entertainment. Check whether your child considers these rules:

a. TV time and type of shows

b. Internet and rules of computer

c. Not disclosing about his/er alone state at home

d. Having a friend or friends over while you’re not at home.

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