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10 Best adjustable bed under $200

Adjustable Beds

The consumer is spoiled for choice with hundreds of adjustable bed designs. Before deciding on an adjustable bed, it is worth spending time to know and verify its structure. The base of the, rollers, sound dampening cases, massage features with remote controls, fail safe devices are some characteristics to look for before you make a purchase. It is better to choose the bed mattress first before purchasing the bed base. Most mattresses do not support being used on an adjustable bed, hence, it is important to verify if you can fold the mattress and should not lose its original qualities when in a folded position. Purchase bed bases from established manufacturer. Thickness used in fabrication, roller material, power failure safety features are some aspects to verify in a bed base. You should also be able to transport and assemble it easily.

1. STRUCTURES by Malouf heavy duty 7-leg adjustable metal fed frame

Price: $49.99


This steel bed frame is designed to support the thick mattress constructed out of heavy duty bed frame. It has a 1.5 inches center support bar which offers additional support in the middle of the bed. It has wide locking rollers. The bed frame is maneuverable with the gliding center support. Any headboard is configurable with its universal versatile headboard brackets. There are two cross armed support legs that give extra support to the frame. It has an elegant finish coated with black gun metal matter powder. It makes a good choice of a sturdy frame at a low cost.

USP: It supports mattress warranty requirements and also provides one year warranty against workmanship and defects of the frame. You can easily assemble the frame within minutes without the use of additional tools.

Pros: You can adjust this frame to fit twin, full and queen mattresses. Its two locking extra wide rollers make the frame easily maneuverable. It gets shipped fairly quickly and delivered in good order. The easy instructions help to assemble the frame with ease. It is a strong frame with great durability and offers flexibility to various sizes as required.

2. Kings Brand heavy duty 7-leg adjustable bed frame

Price: $39.99

Kings Brand Heavy Duty bed frame

Manufactured by Kings Brand, this frame is sturdy and can fit this for a full, queen or a king. The bed frame has a center bar for support and has wheels on the frame. This makes it easier to move and rearrange the frame as and when required. This sturdy frame can be elevated up to six inches. It makes a great frame that can be easily assembled for a lower cost.It is available in Full, Queen, Twin and Twin XL sizes.

USP:This sturdy frame is designed for heavy duty purposes and is an adjustable metal frame with seven legs available with rug rollers and excellent center support.

Pros: You can assemble the bed frame within ten minutes without any extra tools. The bed frame is ultimate in durability, strength, structure and quality. It has an excellent metal frame that provides support to the headboard and mattress. This frame is definitely heavy duty and makes a great deal for the cost involved.

3. 14″ High premier metal platform bed frame by Boyd

Price: $109.99

Metal Platform Bed Frame

This 14 inches metal bed frame can step up the contemporary bedroom comfort and convenience. It offers superior mattress support, significant savings and great center support. It also has enough space for storage under the bed. This frame removes the need for mattress foundation. Footboard and headboard brackets are sold separately. The frame is free of fabric and is coated with black anodized material. It provides support for squeak free and sag free mattress. The bed frame is available in Twin (74”L x 38”W x 14”H, 34 lbs), Full (74”L x 53”W x 14”H, 40 lbs), Queen (79”L x 59”W x 14”H, 46 lbs), King (79”L x 75”W x 14”H, 63 lbs) and Cal King (83”L x 71”W x 14”H, 61 lbs) dimensions.

USP: The heavy duty metal frame supports up to 3,000 pounds. It does not require additional tools and is easy to assemble. It is made of 100 percent steel construction.

Pros: It is portable and small size makes it easy for the frame to move through narrow spaces such as elevators and stairwells. Since headboard and footboard brackets are optional, you can add two brackets if you need to use the frame with only the headboard. Else, you can add four brackets if you need both headboard and the footboard.

4. The Edge premium headboard bed frame by Leggett and Platt

Price: $119.00

The Edge Premium Headboard

The Edge Premium Headboard frame is one among the strongest adjustable bed frames available. It has a specialized steel design which features triangular rails on the sides, cross rectangular rails and round tubular legs. Headboard brackets can take heavy loads and has an additionally wide construction offset that can fit almost all types of headboards. The frame is available in Full (53″ W x 73.125″ D), Cal King (72″ W x 73.125″ D), Eastern King (76″ W x 73.125″ D), Queen (60″ W x 73.125″ D. It has a coating of silver satin powder. The frame offers new bedding frame concept of bedding retainer tabs.

USP: Price of the frame is inclusive of free shipping charges. This is applicable only within the United States. The twin size bed frame has six legs and does not have a center support bar. Other dimension frames have nine legs and have a center support bar. The frame is pre-measured and weighs light. Specialized steel design provides the frame great durability and strength. This frame comes with life time warranty.

Pros: This frame is available as Headboard frame only. It does not need brackets to connect to a foot board. You can easily assemble it quickly without any usage of tools. It has twin rollers of 1-5/8” with locks that prevents potential foot injuries.

5. Bi-fold metal adjustable bed frame

Price: $139.00

Bi-Fold Metal Frame

Pragma’s bi-foldable metal bed frame is designed to provide sturdy support to any mattress thus making it very convenient and comfortable. You can fold and unfold the frame easily and quickly. In the folded position, this frame is easy to tuck away things and also takes up very little space. Twin (75″ x 39″ x 14″H, 30 lbs), King (80″ x 76″ x 14″H, 49lbs), Queen (80″ x 60″ x 14″H, 43 lbs) and Full (: 75″ x 54″ x 14″H, 40 lbs) sizes are available in both quad-fold and bi-foldable designs. The bed base is made of heavy duty wire mesh. This frame does not require a foundation or box spring.

USP: This frame is fully assembled and shipped. Simply pull out, unfold and place the mattress on the frame for immediate use. The price is inclusive of shipping charges with the United States.

Pros: Since the frame is 14 inches off the ground, you can use the space underneath the frame to store bulky things such as suitcases. The bed base is made of heavy duty wire mesh.

6. Instamatic h
igh rise metal bed frame

Price: $129.00

Instamatic High Rise Frame

This frame is a high rise metal adjustable bed frame. It is a great space saver and is ideal for those who need that extra space for storage. The construction is made of strong steel and the wedge lock design makes this frame strong and sturdy. It is easily attachable to most of the headboards and footboards. It easily fits any standard Full (54″ x 75”; 32 lbs), Full XL (54″ x 80″; 32lbs), Queen (60″ x 80”; 47 lbs), Twin (39″ x 75”; 30 lbs), Twin XL, King (76″ x 80”; 48 lbs) or CA King (72″ x 84”; 48 lbs) Mattress. The frame is built with heavy duty rails on the sides and has protective caps to prevent injuries.

USP: It is made of 95 percent recycled steel. The frame has 10 inch glides that adds 10 inches to the frame and provides excellent stability. The measurement of each glide leg is 3.5” across the base. The price is inclusive of glided metal frame, headboard attachments and shipping charges applicable within the United States. This frame comes with 25 years warranty (manufacturer).

Pros: Its wedge lock design makes is easier to assemble. The headboard and footboard brackets can attach easily to almost any type of standard headboards and footboards.

7. Black finish steel smart base metal platform bed frame

Price: $99.00

Smart Base Metal Bed Frame

This bed frame does not need a box spring. It offers a 14 inch height off the ground to provide great storage space underneath the bed frame. The foundation of this bed frame is made of steel and has a black finish. This can easily complement any décor. Mattress foundation is not required for the bed frame. It is available in Full (: 75”L x 54”W x 14”H, 40 lbs), Queen (80”L x 60”W x 14”H, 46 lbs), Twin 75”L x 39”W x 14”H, 34 lbs), Twin XL, King (80”L x 76”W x 14”H, 63 lbs) and Cal King (84”L x 72”W x 14”H, 61 lbs).

USP: The steel bed foundation makes the frame sturdy and durable. The frame has level support for mattress to provide great sleep comfort. Twin and Twin XL sizes bear a load of 1,200 pounds and Queen/Cal King/King bear a weight of 2,400 lbs.

Pros: It can be easily assembled without tools. It is ready to use with easy assemble instructions. You can place the mattress directly on top of the metal bar. You can have large amount of under the bed storage with this 14 inch height bed frame. All the 12 points of contact of the frame are covered with caps that protect the floor.

8. Heritage adjustable bed frame

Price: $60.00

Heritage Adjustable Bed Frame

This adjustable bed frame is made of sturdy steel. It supports all types of mattresses and dimensions – Queen, Twin, Full and King Size. It has strong 1.5 inch angle rails. The frame offers offset, over sized and reversible brackets which easily accommodates any type of headboard. The Shur-lock system provides flexibility for the frame and makes the frame more secure. The frame has legs secured with three layers of thick steel and has rug rollers for easy movement. The frame makes more toe room when legs are recessed.

USP: Sturdy steel construction makes the frame durable and strong. Twin and Full size frames bear a weight up to 650 pounds, where as Cal King, Queen and King Sizes bear up to 700 pounds. This product comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

Pros: You do not require additional tools to assemble this frame. It is quick and easy to assemble. The center support of King Size frame fits head to foot while the queen’s center support fits side to side. Twin and Full sizes do not have center support but have two wheels.

9. Adjustable bed frame, for headboards and footboards

Price: $59.88

Adjustable Bed Frame

This steel frame supports both headboard and footboard. The frame has flexible brackets to bolt the headboard and footboard. It is available in Twin, Full, Queen and King Sizes. The frame has 4 legs with adjustable steel glides in Full and Twin Sizes, while, it comes with 6 legs of adjustable steel glides in Queen and King Sizes. The frame also provides enough underneath space for storage. You can adjust the height of the frame by spinning the foot of each leg and the wing nut.

USP: The individually adjustable legs, with center support for King and Queen makes this frame sturdy and ideal. It is one of the only bed frames that can come with attachable headboard and footboard.

Pros: It provides sturdy support for a squeak and sag free mattress. No-tools design help in quick and efficient assembly of the bed frame.

10.Twin, full and queen size adjustable bed frame by Cross

Price: $39.99

Twin, Full & Queen Size Adjustable frame

This frame provides excellent durability, structure and quality. It is constructed from solid steel metal frame. This gives good support for the mattress, headboard and footboard. The frame has wheels which offer easy movement. You can easily adjust the bed frame from twin size to queen or revert it again. The rails have caps to product the foundations and linen. It has four 2 inch rug rollers which provides mobility and protects the flooring and the carpet. This frame supports standard sized mattresses.

USP: The frame is constructed of heavy duty steel. It has strong support due to its solid rivet construction design. Six points of contact and length side rails offer excellent mattress support.

Pros: Conversion from twin to full to queen is accomplished within few minutes. The frame has recessed tubular legs which feature super lock construction. It has heavy-duty headboard attachment.

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