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4 Innovative Beach Nursery Themes

4 Innovative beach nursery themes

Beach themed nursery


Your baby is the most precious thing in your life and hence giving him or her best is always on your mind. Parents start planning for their baby’s room in the house even before the baby is born. Enthusiastic people will plan a very nice room with themed decorations and apt furniture for the baby. Selecting a theme for the nursery is very important, because the baby would be seeing those things around him or her while growing up. When there are pleasant scenes, interesting objects and pictures around the baby, he or she would surely feel safe and will be happy. Let us see 4 such themes for a nursery related to the main theme of a beach and the sea.

1. Underwater theme:

Under the ocean theme

The underwater theme for a nursery is a great idea and would surely bring a dash of color to the nursery room. The basic colors to use in a under the ocean theme are various shades of blue, turquoise and green. Walls can be colored with any of these blues or greens and pictures of fish in lighter colors can be made on the walls. You could either get just one wall of the room painted with the underwater theme, with colorful fish, corals, seaweed, etc. You can cover the entire floor with sand colored soft carpet which will make the room look like a beach. You can even get sea themed wallpaper in stores and that could be used as well on walls. Get deep blue and light blue colored furniture and soft and thick rugs which look like underwater stones. Your under the ocean theme will bring happiness to your child’s life.

2. The beach and things done on the beach:

The beach theme

When children go to the beach, they carry play shovels, tubs, buckets, etc with them so that they can play with the sand. When decorating the nursery you can use this as a theme. Get a mural or wallpaper which shows a beach scene and the ocean on a distance. Cover the floor of the room with sand like carpet and keep furniture in the shape of beach things. Customized furniture can be made with the theme in mind. Get a crib or bed in the shape of a beach lounger, Small stools which look like inverted buckets and a study table which has legs looking like shovels, etc. These are just a few innovative ideas and there is no end to the countless things you can do with this theme.

3. Water animals and their babies:

Fish and their babies

Keeping the ocean theme in mind you can use the animals and fish which live underwater and make a theme of your own. Collect large stickers of animals which live under water and paste them on the nursery walls. You could also hire an artist and get pictures of underwater animals and fish painted on the walls. You have large dolphins jumping out of the water or sea horses swimming underwater painted on walls. Get murals done if you want a 3D effect and also a few stuffed toys which can be hung or kept on shelves in the nursery. You can even find furniture shaped like fish or corals which are found in the deep sea. Make sure you use the parent as well as the babies of fish, pictures of soft toys so the child would learn along while enjoying the theme.

4. Fish related film themes:

Fish Films theme

There are many movies which are made on fish, animated as well as real life ones like “Finding Nemo”, “The Little Mermaid” etc. You can easily get scenes of these 2 films painted on the walls of the nursery and this could be very interesting for the child. Nemo the main fish in the film is a colorful one and you can easily get hanging mobiles shaped like Nemo and his dad or the other fish in the film. If you have a baby girl, use The Little Mermaid theme and get the main character of the mermaid painted on the walls along with stuffed mobiles and toys of the other characters of the movie. This makes a very nice theme and finding things to decorate the room with these themes is very easy.

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