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Five simple yet creative playroom design ideas

Researches state that proper environment is necessary to let creative ideas thrive and flourish. The same applies to creating play areas for your child. Playtime is the most enjoyable time for a child when he or she can let loose the balloon strings of imagination. It plays a vital role in the physical, as well as, mental growth and development of a child. It not only helps in recognizing the interests of your child, but also, builds up his or her personality.These moments can be well defined as rejuvenating times for your child to boost up his physical and mental skills. So, you should be very cautious and yet, creative in designing your child’s play area.

Lets take a brief overview of the factors, which should be kept in mind while arranging a child’s playroom. While designing the play area of your child, you should make sure that the area chosen is spacious, beautiful and associated with nature, to some extent. There should be enough scope for sunlight to enter the room. The play area should be made interesting with architectural features, so that, the child can associate well, with his or her surroundings. Also, closets and built-in cabinets for storage of toys are essential to avoid the room from becoming messy. Keeping your child’s safety in mind, you should use a thick soft carpet to avoid injuries.

Depending on your budget, you can work wonders in this aspect. If you plan to spend in six figures, you can really do a lot to convert your child’s imaginations to reality. On the other hand, if you want something economical, then just colorful paints can change the entire ambiance of your child’s most prized moments.

Let’s have a look at some simple and yet, creative playroom ideas :

1. Converting a Bedroom into a Playroom

If you do not have enough space to make a separate playroom for your child, you can introduce some innovative ideas and convert your child’s bedroom into his playroom. One section of the bedroom can be easily modified in this respect, by decorating that area with his or her favorite stuffed toys and colorful pillows with cartoon characters. Large rattan baskets can be placed under the bed to economize on storage area. A collapsible partition can also be used to separate the play area from the sleeping one. Playbeds for playful kids can be nice and innovative, to add on. All these changes would not be heavy on your pocket, and yet, can give a new look to your child’s room. Try not to clutter too many toys, so as to, avoid messing up the space or making it crowded.

2. Converting an Attic into a Playroom

The extra space in your house or the attic can be a good choice for your child to play in. You can really play with colors to design the walls with colorful theme pictures thereby, making the area look extremely attractive. Fantasy themes can also adorn your child’s room where he or she would spend most of his or her time in playing, learning and growing up. Bookcases and black boards can be interesting additions.However, this area might not be very spacious thereby, restricting your child from moving around freely.

3.Theme Play Areas

For bigger children who can read and understand different subjects, a theme combining Geography and Science can be created in order to enable him or her exploring the world of knowledge. The walls can be done up with huge world maps and space drawings. Futuristic chairs and unusual looking lamps can add to the aesthetic beauty of your child’s room. This kind of creation can work out to be expensive, but, is sure to roll your kids over.

4 . Color Scheme Creations

A tone on tone scheme can be used to change the entire look of the play area of your child. A white playroom adds life to the space, though its maintenance might be questionable. Even two-tone combinations like black and white, or, contrasts like red and green can add life to the play area. The furnishings can be mix-matched with other accessories to create these effects. However, such color schemes, after some time, become uninteresting.

5. Chalkboards for your Kid’s Room

A huge blackboard to cover an entire wall with storage area beneath it ,or, a hidden book shelf can act as a “Two in One” solution to add new life to your child’s play room. It can fit into everyone’s budget and gives the child enough freedom to scribble his or her ideas on the walls of the room. Remember, if your child can create new ideas thereby, giving them a concrete shape. All you have to do is give him or her enough space to loosen the balloon strings of his or her imagination and create an imaginary world.


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