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How to stop arguing with your partner

Arguments in the couples are a common thing. Sometimes, arguments are good for a healthy relationship. But, if the arguments are too frequent, you cannot stand each other on any point, when the physical abuse includes in the arguments, then you immediately need to act. You need to stop arguing with your partner or else you will finish the love and sweet relationship between each other. When one person is too loud in the argument, it is very hard to have healthy conversations.

So, you need to follow certain patterns to stop arguing with your partner:

  1. Understand the reason of anger-

    reason of anger
    The argument starts with anger. If your partner is angry at something, then you must give time to understand why he or she is angry and on which incident. Sometimes, the partner does not clear you about the situation for which he or she is angry. So, you need to remember what the last action was you took for your partner. It will help you find the reason for your partner’s anger. If it is your bad habit or bad words that hurt your partner, then you need to understand the depth of the anger. Do not just start arguing with your partner when he or she is angry with you. It will make the situation worse.

  2. Stay Silent-

    If you find that it is your misdeed, or you have done anything wrong, then stay silent. It is the best option you can have to save your relationship. Do not cross your partner’s point and try to give answers to all the questions. It will clear the doubts that your partner has on his or her mind. But, staying silent when you have not done any mistake or there is a misunderstanding starting between you and your partner is a wrong idea. It seems that you are accepting your fault. You don’t have to be loud to prove your innocence, you should rather sit together and try to have productive discussions.

  3. Deal with Emotions-

    go for walk
    Anger leads to stress and it turmoil your emotions. Hence, it is very important that you need to work on your emotions at first. Every person has their own way to cool down. You can best do it when you are alone. Take some deep breaths and increase your energy. You can listen to music, go for walk and hang out with friends. These actions will not only help you reduce the stress, but also understand your emotions very well. It will help you control your emotions, and soon you can deal with these emotions.

  1. Stay Calm-

    Now to end an argument, you need to stay calm even if you are angry. It is unhealthy to stretch an argument for a day or two. A calm mind always helps you give a logical reason to stop the argument. When you fight with your partner, you get high on the emotional ride. So, it is very important to stand in your attitude while also considering the future of the relationship.

  1. Deal with situation-

     cherish the moment of your life
    To stop arguing with your partner, you need to deal with the hot situation. If you missed any opportunity or chance to be with your partner, then you should deal with such a bad situation in another alternative way. But remember that the alternative way should give you and your partner the best possible way to cherish the moment of your life.

  2. Understand the pattern of fight-

    Every couple has a pattern of fights. No two couples fight in the same manner. To end an argument, you need to catch the pattern of the fight. It will solve half of your problem, and you can catch the trick to stop arguing with your partner.As a partner, you must cooperate with your partner’s idea, thoughts to gain the ultimate trust of your partner.

  3. Meditation-Meditation

    Meditation helps you and your partner to cool down the brain. It leads to productive discussions between you and your partner. The more you practice meditation, the more you will be free from fear, anger, stress, and anxiety. So, when you do not have strong emotions in you, then you can keep yourself calm and cool. You can take more rational decisions in life.

  1. Look for Solutions-

    Every problem has a solution. So, as a couple does not give too much focus on problems. You should look for solutions to your problems. A good solution always brings a good change in your relationship. Solutions even save your relationship from break up. So, take time for your partner, read motivational books, stay positive, hang out together and give the best time to each other.

  2. Don’t ask anything that you will also not love for yourself-

    Don’t ask anything
    If you are making any demand from your partner, then you should remember his or her emotions. Do not ask anything that you will not do in first place. It would worsen your relationship even further. Try to be logical in your decisions and actions if you really love your partner and want him or her forever in your life.

  3. Balance-

    Sometimes, the fight occurs due to the 3rd party in your relationship. For that one person, the relationship between you and your partner becomes sour. To stop arguing with your partner you need to keep balance with both the people. Hence, it will not affect your relationship with both, and you can live a life on a happy note.

Final Words

A relationship between you and your partner depends on love, trust, and respect. So, whenever you fight or argue with each other you should not forget these three things. They are the foundation of a strong relationship. So, you need to maintain that and it will give you the power to stay together even during so much chaos in your love life. When you and your partner are together no matter whatever the situation is, you can win the hearts of each other. Both of you will overcome all the pains in your life.


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