How to keep romance and passion alive in love relationships

A love relationship starts when two individuals fall truly, madly, and deeply in love with each other. Everything seems so beautiful and life seems to be blissful. Both the partners in a relationship like nothing else as much as they like to spend time in each other’s company. The mere thought of meeting each other makes them feel butterflies in the stomach and some even dream of meeting their beloved every day.

However, many people complain that the true, mad, and the deep love that they experienced at the start seems to vanish as the years pass. The intensity of romance and passion dips and the craze gets lost. Some couples find this phenomenon to be very frustrating, while some others try to put in all efforts to bring back the initial amount of passion and romance in their relationship. It is very much possible to keep passion and romance alive in love relationships even after years.


Why Romance in The World is Getting Unstable

Love nowadays has changed in many ways. In modern times, people love or pretend to do so to display their emotions on social networking websites. People fail to understand the real meaning of love and it is true in the case of both the genders. Within no time, people change their status on their profiles and let everyone know about the way feel. They leave a little or almost nothing on imagination. Here are a few common reasons:


1. Trend to get too close to your partner

Modern lovers do not have the patience to wait and let their love flourish with times. Live-in relationships are prevalent almost everywhere in the world. Couples find it exciting but you cannot deny the fact that when you get too close to each other the excitement fades away gradually. Your heart no longer beats for your partner. It is true that at a certain point of time you get married to the person eventually but it hardly steals the excitement to meet your partner for a cup of coffee and talk for hours and feels that your heart may just jump out of your chest.


2. The difficult choice between love and career

Modern time demands you to be self-dependent so that you can chase your dreams and live the way you always wanted to live. The cutthroat competition and the ever-changing world of work make it even harder to choose love over your career. You would surely not want to regret years later when you would not be able to start all over. You must set your priorities straight and make a decision. Most people unfortunately desire a flourishing career over love.


3. Mistaken beliefs

No doubt, love alone does not guarantee happiness in life but that it is also true that you cannot buy love with a big pile of money. The modern generation fails to understand the fact that you need to satisfy your basis necessities not to show off your lavishness to all others around you. If you look around you would certainly find many examples of happy couples who have successfully maintained a balance between their career and love life.


4. Loyalty and assurance

One of the most common reasons why people do not want to fall in love is that they do not want to commit. You do not want to get stuck as loving one person restricts you from getting close to other people. Many others do not trust their partners and do not want to take a risk. Your bitter experiences of the past also keep you from moving a step further.


5. Fuzzy communication

You have a million ways to communicate with the person who is miles away from you but it has disadvantages of its own. You have networking websites to keep a long list of friends too. However, it gets difficult for the person to set their priorities right. You do not really understand who is important and who is not. Communication has lost its essence as most couples express their innermost feeling with almost everyone but their partners.


6. Growing expectations that lead to disappointment

When you expect a lot from your partner and fail to understand the fact that there are other things to deal with, things go haywire. You must not expect that things will remain the same ever since you start dating. Time changes but you must make sure that this change does not affect your relationship negatively. Expectations lead to disappointment that eventually instigate negativity.


Simple Ideas to Keep Romance Alive

1. Talk about It

A lot of couples end up in a strained situation since they are hesitant to speak about what they need. While your spouse possibly knows much about you at such a point, she or he is not a mind reader. How do you expect your partner to know what it is you want to do on Valentine’s Day or what types of moves you love in bed if you do not tell her or him? Be as open as you can in regards to what you love, and ensure you ask your spouse about her or his feelings.

2. Find time for romance

After being at work all day, handling the children if you have them, and also spending some time alone to refresh your own mind, you may not have much energy or time to devote to your spouse. This might lead to minimal conversation and rushed sex before falling asleep. Instead, find time from your schedule and specifically dedicate it to romantic activities with your partner. This can be as effortless as watching movies together on the couch or having a weekend getaway. Plan some date nights and list them on the calendar. Isn’t the relationship at least worth as much effort as visiting the dentist?

3. Elevate everyday activities

It is easy to change most mundane of everyday activities to a romantic date. For instance, jump together in the shower when you are getting ready for work in the morning and help your spouse wash up. Get your fanciest dishes, light some candles, and sit for dinner at the table rather than eating it in front of your TV, since it does not even need to be a fancy meal. Rather than putting on your comfiest baggiest T-shirt and sweatpants before going to bed, slip in something more provocative. At the end of the midday, conversation slip in a suggestion about what you wish to do to your spouse that night. You will have her or him thinking about it the whole day!

4. Use simple gestures to express your love

You need not indulge in extravagant ways to express your love for your beloved, as all it requires are simple gestures that can make your partner feel good and keep the love and romance intact in a relationship even after many years. You can write small chits and keep them under their pillow, text them pretty often in a day and express how much you love them and care for them. When you are away from home do call your partner and express how much you miss their absence.

5. Put in efforts to make life interesting

Both the partners must try to ward off the “I am bored” phase-out of their love life. Boredom is one thing that can eat away the happiness and charm of a love relationship. Therefore, both partners should think of ways to make like more exciting and interesting, for instance, both partners can develop a hobby, can go for adventure holidays, or can indulge in any other way that is a source of happiness for both the partners.

6. Arrange for an intimate time

Time today is so busy that it keeps everybody overly tied up. This is one major reason that people complain is responsible for their disrupted love life. Make it a point, no matter how busy you are, do take out time every day to spend exclusively with your partner. Both the partners should go together on morning walks, come back and have a shower together, sit in bed for some time and praise each other, and then go for your respective works. Take out time for some intimate moments at night as well. Do this every day and you will never experience the loss of romance and passion in your love life.

7. Communicate

Lack of communication is another major reason that contributes a big deal to make a relationship devoid of romance and passion in the long – run. As a relationship starts, everything seems magical and even if there are certain flaws in partners, each tries to cover them up because the level of adjustment is quite high in initial days. However, after some years the partners start taking each other for granted and start finding more and more faults in each other. Besides this, the level of adjustment also starts dipping.

Under such circumstances, if the partners do not communicate in a proper manner, the complaints keep on stacking and the frustration keeps on increasing, and someday or the other it bursts and the outcome which comes is even worse. Therefore, whatever the problem is, whatever complaint you have against your partner, make it a point that you discuss it that very day, which would help you keep passion and romance alive.


Dating Ideas to Keep Romance Alive

Dates make lovers feel like they are starting all over again and the bond between them gets stronger. A series of dates are healthy to keep the ball rolling. Ideally, it should be in a place far away from one’s home or working environment to enhance freedom. For cute ideas that revive romance.

1. Take a walk

Be it down a street or in the countryside, the natural environment brings a sense of refreshment. Just be creative; hold hands, talk to each other, and be playful. Listen to the different sounds produced by different bird species and other animals. Pause to look at man-made and God’s creations like tall buildings, big rivers and rare species.

2. Visit Clubs

Take her to an affordable club, depending on your worth, and spend on her. Somewhere along the way, let her find herself in your arms and kiss her. Buy your favorites and don’t be in a hurry to leave.

3. Play games

Take time to teach her the rules of the game you choose and make her win, whatever it takes. Have fun while playing and be gentle enough not to hurt each other.

4. Go swimming

Pack swimming costumes with you. Costumes expose most of your body parts and draw you closer. If possible, go to a private section of the pool and cuddle together. Occasionally allow her to go far then follow her. Be playful here too and have fun. Do it together, remembering the secret is romance.

5. Karaoke

Sing to one another and tell each other secrets or things you would like your partner to know about you. Be open and honest.

6. Buy ice creams for the two of you

Ice creams make you feel young at heart and brighten your day. The act of eating ice-creams together and laughing at it brings back the romance.

7. Horse riding

With the man riding the horse and the lady right behind her holding him tight to avoid falling, this is definitely romantic as it brings the two very close.

8. Riding a boat together

On a secluded spot is romantic too. It gives you a private space and time to share what you have with one another without fear of being heard. It also brings you to close.


Little Things that Can Make a Big Difference

  1. Take time to bring a cup of coffee to your partner while he/she is still in bed. If possible, you can also serve him or her breakfast in bed. This makes your partner to feel like he or she is cherished and you can be sure that the show kindness shall be reciprocated.
  2. Be sure to take a few seconds to hug and kiss when you see each other after a while. This makes the two parties in a relationship have a deeper connection. It is also advisable to keep touching your partner affectionately not necessarily when you intend to get romantic.
  3. Make plans for a romantic getaway in the course of the week. Ensure that you can make enough time for each other. You could get a room in a hotel or simply make plans to have the whole house to yourselves. Being alone and spending the night by yourself will definitely add a spark to your love life.
  4. When your partner wants to talk to you, make efforts to give them 100% of your attention. Put a stop to whatever you are doing and just pay attention. This definitely makes your partner feel appreciated and important.
  5. Give your partner comments that let them know how you perceive them. Be sure to tell them that they look great, sexy, or beautiful. This is very important in molding a romantic relationship.
  6. When leaving the house in the morning, let your partner know that you anticipate to see them upon your return. Always remind them that you love them.



It is just a myth that passion and romance vanish in long term relationships, as with a few gestures and efforts ultimate passion and romance can be kept alive in a love relationship forever.


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