Should parents limit teen relationships

parents limit teen relationships

Teenage is a very enjoyable, joyous, and a conflicted age. It is joyous and enjoyable, as many things happen to start to a teenager for very first time in life, so a teenager seems to enjoy some changes and happenings. On the other hand, a teenage life is full of conflicts and confusions regarding so many changes taking place.

At times, it gets hard for a teenager to understand all that is happening because their mind is not that capable to understand everything and behave with utmost maturity. This is why parents of teenagers also remain worried about their child’s behavior and whereabouts because they understand that their teenage child is not able enough to deal well with situations that demand a mind of an elder person.

One such thing that parents fear and want their teenage children to be away from is the teenage romance. Teenage relationships are very exciting and fun-filled for the teens, as most of them fall in love with the opposite sex for the very first time. Some teenagers talk regarding their first love or crush to their parents honestly and frankly, while others prefer it better to hide such feelings from their parents.

Some of them do not even let their crush know that they adore them and they do it all secretly. Now, there are some reasons that make a teenager hide his feelings such as hesitance, shyness, and the fear of rejection. Teenagers are over sensitive and over emotional, so they fear rejection so much that they keep adoring someone but do not go and let that person know their feelings, while some others are daring enough to do all this.

Overall, a teenage love, or a love relationship for a teenager is a very special thing. It is a happy phase for them but quite a skeptical phase for their parents. Children are happy during this phase because all they know is the good thing about teenage love, they do not know the bad side of it, whereas parents know both the good and the bad, and this is what makes parents skeptical about their child’s relationship.

Parents do not feel comfortable about this teenage love thing and this is the reason many parents are always worried and try to keep a check on their child’s whereabouts. Sometimes teenagers do not like their parents for being possessive about them, as they think that their parents spy on them. However, parents do nothing wrong and they have all the reasons to justify their behavior. Following are the reasons that give a kind of green signal to parents to keep a check on their teenage child and restrict their love relationships:

Teenage love is just a physical attraction

Love is what teenagers define their feelings to be but it is nothing more than a physical attraction. Teenagers are not to be blamed because it is the hormonal change that makes them feel so but at that point in their lives they do not understand this.

Teenagers are far away from the reality

Teenagers live in a fairyland and hardly are they in touch with reality. Only prohibitive actions of parents keep teenagers under control.

For teenagers love is sex

Many teenagers find it normal to have sex, as they believe that having sex in a relationship is must. Parents understand the negative consequences of this teenage belief and this is why they set boundaries for teenagers.

Teenagers get into depression

The oversensitive nature of teenagers makes them fall into depression even after a mild rejection, and they are likely to fall in drug abuse and all. To save teenagers from such bad habits, parents keep restricting their whereabouts and change in behaviour.


Parents are right when they restrict and set boundaries for their teenage children because parents know that their child is not wise enough to save himself from the adversities, therefore, they try their best to save children by setting boundaries for them.

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