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How to decorate a Victorian bedroom?

If people are asked to choose a theme for their homes in terms of architecture, do not be surprised if the most common answer is the Victorian Era. People love the Victorian theme when it comes to architecture and want to implement it when it comes to their homes. If you are looking to decorating your bedroom, Victorian style, then explore some great tips on how to proceed with it.

How to decorate a Victorian bedroom?

The Victorian style of architecture is loved by many because of its timeless appeal and classic beauty. It gives you the sense of being royalty and adds drama to your homes. Here’s how you can turn your bedroom into Victorian era art.

  • Keep the theme central – You cannot just buy a few items which look like they are from the Victorian era and place it in your bedroom. To have a successful makeover, always keep the theme central and focus all your purchases and designs on it. Whether it be the colors, curtains , beds or cushions, everything should be a perfect match. Get stuff that is made of gleaming metal with intricate artistic work done in them, whether it be the furniture or the photo frames.
  • Victorian grandeur – Larger than life designs and grandeur were the key elements of the Victorian style of architecture. To achieve the true essence of this style, go for ornamented molding and plasterwork. It will cost you a bit but is essential if you want the theme to work.
  • Colors – The colors used in the Victorian era are very different from the modern pastels and neutrals used nowadays. People loved dark and rich shades back then. So include them as often as possible on the walls, curtains, furniture, even in the woodwork. Use browns, reds and violets to bring in a rich feel.

Lavish ornamented designs work well in bringing out a Victorian theme so try to include them in your curtains and drapes and upholstery as well.

  • Furniture – Victorian furniture, like the rest of it is also very intricately done artistic work. Go all the way in with your beds, lounges , pedestals and even TV stands , all done Victorian style. The basic essence of Victorian furniture is that they are a mix of various cultural influences – Gothic, Tudor, even having influences of Asian and Arab in between . They also indulge in a grand excess of ornamentation.

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