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How to stop breastfeeding without any apprehension

Weaning is a necessary step that every mother has to take as her babies grow up. You have to stop breastfeeding slowly and accustom your child to other foods. The mother’s milk is essential for a child’s growth and development but after a certain period, you have to introduce them to hard foods like rice, cereals and veggies. Mothers who breastfeed their children do not get any time for relaxation. Most babies have to be fed several times during the night and the mother’s have to stay awake for a long period. They cannot go out with their spouse or friends for some refreshment and entertainment. Breastfeeding the babies is a tough task and women who breastfeed for a long time become weary of it. Some moms do not know how to wean their babies effortlessly. In this article, you will come across some helpful tips on how you can stop breastfeeding.

Gather information and educate yourself in this matter:

You should first consult the child physician who checks your baby regularly. Ask him or her if it is alright to stop breastfeeding and start weaning. Also talk to your gynecologist and ask how your body will be affected if you stop breastfeeding. Babies drink more milk during the night. If you stop breastfeeding at night your body will go through some hormonal changes. Read about weaning in the internet and you can also get some books on this topic from your local library. You will find many websites that deal with child health and methods of weaning. Buy good books on child’s development and the health of new mothers.

Try not to be needlessly emotional:

There is no need to feel guilty just because you have stopped breastfeeding your baby. It is a necessary step you have to take. Be prepared to handle the challenges of weaning. It can be an emotionally draining experience as you will have to break the bond that breastfeeding created between you and your baby.

Move in a slow but steady manner:

Start by giving your baby the bottle during the day. You can pour your breast milk in the bottle and offer it to the baby. The baby will get accustomed with drinking from the bottle over a period of time. Ask your spouse’s help in feeding the baby from the bottle during nights. Give your baby a pacifier to suck on at nights.

Give solid food:

Give your baby light, nutritious and solid meals. Slowly increase the number of solid meals. You should not force feed your child. Give it time to start enjoying the solid meals.


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