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Green Guide: What you can do with old window frames?

diy old window frames

Cutting out the trash to shape a utility piece not only is the first aid to weary environment, but also saves precious energy and excites the ingenuity in our daily life. Wood being a timeless natural substance is one of the best elements to recycle, reuse and redesign. Many a times while remodeling or restructuring our homes, the one object which is sent to trash without much thought are the wooden windows. Instead of turning those into trash, with a little innovation and time they can be turned into artifacts adorning the house. From table design to wall art to garden design, these old sturdy frames can create an aesthetic ambiance instead of being turned into landfill. Image credit

What’s green

Picking out old windows and turning them into works of art or remodeled furniture is not only helpful for the environment, but also is light on our pockets. The sturdy wooden frames can withstand loads of neglect and can still re-emerge as an attractive new coffee table, shelf, hanger or a wall-décor item. So, here are a few tips to assist you in this re-invention of discarded wooden frames and once you allow your creativity to flow you will find even better ideas.

The Treasure

1. Coffee or dining table
A rustic window frame can be taken up as a family wood-work project and turned into a vintage coffee or dining table, depending on the size of the window and the space available. The options for designing such tables are varied and can be very innovative depending on the household.

2. Wall art
Old wooden window frames can also be developed to create novel works of art. Such wall art adds a country look to the room. You can paint as well as stick paintings on the glass compartments and get a naturally framed look. Crafting paper, fabric, wooden sheets or just a contrasting color to the wall behind the frame can add a more dramatic look.

3. Garden gate
The timeless quality of old wooden window frames creates a chic yet natural garden addition. If there is fence around the garden, drill hinges in the side of the frame and employ it as a garden gate entrance. It can also be positioned within the garden to be used as a trellis or network through which plants and vines would grow up. In that case however, it is advisable to coat it up with polyurethane to safeguard it against rain, sun and other outdoor elements.

4. Gather memories on them
The windows can actually act as a collage with compartments for displaying mementos, photos and small knick-knack on the wall. You can match and paint it according to the wall color and hang your children’s drawings, report cards and other keepsake. As the child grows up a ready-made mélange of her younger days in school is there for you and others to reminiscence over. You can also use a variety of them to showcase your vacations. Use each of the compartments to stand for different places you visited dotting them up with souvenirs and photos.

5. Decorative piece in the kitchen
Use the window to create a fun patterned space in the kitchen. For that you need to find a shelf of the same width as the window and give it a matching or contrasting color coating. Place the shelf just above the window so that it looks a part or as an extended window. Set uniformly spaced mug hooks along the bottom of the window frame and use them to hold mugs, wire whisks, ladles, potholders or other items. You can use this space to store recipe books, a vase of flowers, decorative plates, a timer or clock along with a few other decorative items that match your kitchen shelf.

6. Multi-paned Mirror
Re-touch your old window frame into a unique mirror. Eliminate all of the glasses and paint the frame. Then have a mirror cut to fit it at your local hardware store. A many-paned window gives this mirror a lot of character.

7. Use them as room dividers
It works especially well with long window frames. The old window frames can be used to give an extra privacy to any room. Brush it up with sand paper and paint it according to the mood of the room in question. Now use thick chains on either side of the frame and hang it from the ceiling. These room dividers can be used to divide your children’s room between siblings or act as a partition between living and dining area.

8. Stamp images

Select some theme and place your images around the boundary of the old window frame using rubber stamps and colored ink. You can also use it as a notice board. You can use it to write an inspirational quotation around the periphery of the window frame using paint pens
Numerous other uses are there scattered all over it is just the desire to re-use these golden vintage items which will inspire you on more innovative and inspiring thoughts.

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