Tips Treat: Creative ideas to decorate wine room

Creative ideas to decorate wine room

Ever thought of having a place in your house, where you can enter and feel like taking a break and relaxing for a while? Ever thought of having a small wine room with a collection of wines of the world? Ever thought of how the wine room of your house will define your personality along with giving your house a different look? A wine room needs to be well-designed so as to make it functional and visually welcoming. Here are few tips how you can give a new look to your wine room. Image Credit

1. Wall Treatment

Wall is where you will have your wine racks dangling down or well-fitted in. It is advisable to use deep or darker shades for the walls, because the color of the wall and the racks will merge together and look as one whole piece. Sure, you can use lighter shades if it goes well with your decided theme.

2. Wine Cellar Lighting

Lighting is the crucial part of designing a wine cellar. It should be sufficient to read the bottles and faces of the people in the room, at the same time making sure the bottles are exposed to least heat. Wall sconces, chandeliers and dim lights peeping out from the sides of the racks are few elegant but useful ways of giving light to this room where the wines are breathing. Image credit

3. Floors

You can chose from various types of flooring as per your design. It could be artistic wooden flooring or a stone work. A ceramic tiled floor also goes well when it comes to a wine room. Remember, the highlight of the room should be wines and so the flooring should be subtle and not steal the show. Shades of brown and grey go well, but textures like small checks of black and white giving a modern look to the room also looks nice.

4. Furnishings
Size and style of the wine room decides what piece of furniture comes in. It can be a small tasting table for two or a floor seating arrangement (with a ground table) for a few. Make sure you have a stool ready to be used, in case your wines are stored on a height. Image credit

5. Ceilings

A POP ceiling with some wooden work or a vaulted ceiling like that in cathedrals with proper lighting effects can give a royal look to the room. But, just like the floors, you do not want the ceilings to take away all the attention. And so, on similar shades of your floor you can decide the color of your ceiling.

6. Wine Cellar Doors

The door of the cellar needs to be providing proper insulation and weather stripping to the room because right temperature for this room is inevitable. Now that we have talked about what is required, let’s talk about the aesthetics. The door will be the first look to your wine room where you probably have stored your most sought after delectable wines. It can be a wooden door, glass door, intricate metallic-art door or a combination. Make sure it gives the right impression.

7. Wine Racking Display & Wine Storage Components

The wine racking display and wine storage components you opt for, shapes up the future of your wine cellar. You need to be prudent in selecting the right article, because it will enable easy usability and durability of the wine along with giving the real definition to your wine room. Image credit

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