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Green Gifts: Best eco friendly gowns for women

A wedding gown is synonymous with the bride and the wedding. For those brides-to-be who want to go green for planet Earth, choosing to wear ‘green gown’ on this special day is vital. A woman honors her commitment to her man and her planet by doing so. Rest assured that doing so will not require you to sacrifice the finery and grandeur of the bridal dress.

1. Recycled Eco Wedding Gown

Recycled Eco Wedding Gown

This wedding gown is a genuine eco-wear. Its creativity is superb and matchless because this blue colored linen is totally hand dyed and the top is made out of long-standing mail bags from Germany and France. The dress is further ornamented with classic hand dyed lace, antique clock parts and chains. The back has a unique swallow tail lacing with a white satin ribbon. The skirt of the gown has also been made by hand by the drapes of an ancient castle. It has nice whirling motifs and is also completely lined with classic fawn linen.

Price: $1,866.67

Manufacturer: Malam

Buy now: Etsy

2. Factory Own Design Bridal Dress

Factory Own Design Bridal Dress

This ‘factory own design bridal dress’ beats many a haute couture number. Made out of soft and romantic satin, the gown is a delight to the eyes. It has a very contemporary yet vintage look with the top being strapless and the hemline drooping down to the floor. The back can either be laced up or you can just zip it up if you are a bride in a hurry. It is beaded from all over and has a certain ruffled look in the skirt with a small rose hooked in it. The forte of this wedding gown is that it is totally eco-friendly.

Price: $170.00

Manufacturer: OEM

Buy now: Ecrater

3. Tulle Sequined wedding dress

Tulle Sequined Wedding Dress

You can be the belle of the ball with this soft peach colored sequined wedding dress. This evening gown has a stylish and in vogue halter backless top which oozes sex appeal. It is made out of Tulle and is very eco friendly. The best part is that even if it is meant for a very formal occasion, you can feel relaxed and breathe pretty normally. The workmanship is magnificent and the gown will make you look like royalty with its train dropping all the way to the floor and pretty sequins twinkling like the stars.

Price: $249.00

Manufacturer: Top Bride

Buy now: Dinnel

4. Evening Dress HSX006

Evening Dress HSX006

This is another great factory own design bridal dress made out of silky satin as well as dreamy organza. The gown also has some Polyester or spandex in it. The look is new and the feel is comfy. The gown has a sweetheart neck with strappy shoulders and one shoulder swathed in organza ruffle. The skirt of the gown has a short hemline and the organza gives the appearance of a cascading waterfall. The back can be laced or even zipped up. The gown is absolutely eco friendly.

Price: $199

Manufacturer: OEM

Buy now: Ecrater

5 Organza Tiered Coral wedding dress

Organza Tiered Coral Wedding Dress

If you want to look as dramatic as a gorgeous mermaid, try for this stunning crimson organza tiered coral wedding dress. This sweetheart gown is very well-designed and its length goes till the floor. The design is fresh and is completely handmade. The top is strapless and has twinkling sequins all over. The skirt has a tiered look made out of ruffled organza. The ends taper down giving the appearance of a mermaid’s tail. The dress will indeed bowl you over.

Price: $349.00

Manufacturer: Top Bride

Buy now: Dinnel

6. Ruched Red wedding dress

Ruched Red Wedding Dress

This sexy and chic strapless evening gown has passion written all over. It states the passion of the works-men in showcasing their toil and creativity. The texture is soft and caressing and the entire gown is handmade. It is ruched all over with a long hemline. The top is laced up with a trim red satin ribbon and the shimmering skirt swirls down to the floor in a stunning ball gown look.

Price: $349

Manufacturer: Top Bride

Buy now: Dinnel

7. Natural Bridal Collection


Natural Bridal Collection

This gorgeous collection has quite a few lovely eco-friendly gowns. They are made by hand out of linen and have absolutely breathtaking designs. The specialty of the gowns is that they are all detachable. They can be detached to form a sexy short mini dress to a party. So, in a minute you can transform yourself from the demure damsel to the oomphy seductress. Designer Morgan Boszilkov has indeed worked wonders.

Price: above $5400

8. Bridesmaid dress

Bridesmaid Dress

This black strapless number is a sexy bridesmaid dress. The dress is stunning and Eco-friendly. It has a backless contour and flows down in carbon ruffles down to the knees in the front. The back of the skirt has a black train in sheer. The bust area is sprinkled with tinsel which goes till the back. The look is filled with oomph yet smart.

Price: $73.19

Buy now: Cheapbridalgown

9. Line wedding dresses

line wedding dresses

This pleated line wedding dress is extremely grand and contemporary. It is anti-static and eco-friendly. The dress is in a beaded form with an A-line silhouette. There is lace decoration all over on a satin fabric. The gown is strapless and touches the floor in swirls. The back has a sweet little bow to make it look more charming.

Price: $254.98

Buy now: Iyok

10. Rustic Romance wedding gown

This wedding gown is made out of vintage lace. It has a sheer appearance and can be worn with a classic cream lace. It has a circle skirt with additional ruffle on the bottom which makes the dress swing better. The front is a little shorter and the back sweeps to the floor a bit. This eco-friendly gown is just right for a romantic garden wedding.

Price: $220.00

Manufacturer: White Romance

Buy now: Etsy

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