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Seven Fashion faux pas you should absolutely avoid

When you dress up well it does a lot to your self confidence as well as self esteem. Your fashion sense, your attire and the way you present yourself matters a lot when it comes to creating a lasting impression on people. But at times we miss out on the finer and pivotal points which can lead to a total disaster.

  1. Bad fittings

This is of prime importance. An ill fitted dress can look awful. Just imagine yourself in a dress which is like a gunny bag or one which is just too tight for comfort. It is therefore important that you wear clothes which fit you just right. Make it a habit to try out your clothes before you decide to wear them for a public appearance. Not just women but even men should make sure that they wear clothes that fit them well. Don’t go without wearing a belt to avoid that awkward thing of holding on to your trousers.

  1. Watch out on your lingerie

Women take care of this because this is very essential. You cannot have those bra straps peeping out from your clothing and at the same time make sure you avoid visible panty lining or VPL. It looks just too shabby. Make sure you choose the right inner wear. Not just the peeping strap and VPL but you also need to take care of colour of your inners. Imagine red coloured inners and a beige coloured outfit. Nothing more needs to be said, isn’t it?

  1. Footwear blues

Many times the first thing that a person will notice is your feet. So obviously your footwear is what they are going to see. So you just cannot go wrong when it comes to your shoes. Wearing casual sneakers on formal attire is an absolute no. Besides women might have a fetish for stilettos but can you walk without falling is what you need to check. Wear shoes that go well with the dress code, they should fit you well and you must be comfortable wearing them.

  1. Avoid mismatches

Some of us have this habit of mix and match. But if you are not brilliant in it then you can create a total mismatch. Just to give you an example, it is a good idea to wear stockings on a dainty short dress. But imagine wearing them on shorts. It looks awful. Similarly you surely cannot wear a vibrant sunflower yellow top with parrot green colour tights.

  1. Stop being a cartoon

Your love for cartoons may have continued but that does not mean you dress up like one. Avoid wearing cartoon prints. Wear prints which are sober and go well with the occasion.

  1. Tie length

When it comes to men’s formal wear tie is a must. The way you wear your tie matters. The length of the tie has to be perfect. A very long tie or one which is too short can make you look silly. Also make sure that you are wearing a full sleeves shirt whenever you are wearing a tie. Tie with a short sleeved shirt is a fashion disaster.

  1. Hair woes

Having a bad hair day is one thing and having a stupid hairstyle is something different. Shabby hairstyle can actually mean disaster for the best attire. Therefore make sure that your hairstyle suits you and makes you look smart.


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