Easing into the street-style look for men

There used to be a time when fashion used to be a term used mainly for the female class of the society, as men never used to pay much attention to their dressing. Today the times have changed big time and men today are on same page with women in terms of fashion.

However, today there is literally no dearth of menswear websites dominating the internet. This is because men have started to take much more interest and risk with their dressing, trying new colors and patterns that were never there in menswear some years back. Thanks to so many male fashion influencers, you can glance through trendy street styles and find some inspiration. Here are some of the best male street style options you can consider.

Monochromatic color palette

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While putting a look together, you have to choose a mix and match of colors from your head to toe, or just choose to dress up in one color. It is a much simpler option to go with, as you need not waste any time mixing different colors and creating a flattering look. Dressing up in one color from head to toe adds extreme elegance and sophistication to a man’s personality.

It should look effortless

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No matter how much the times and the fashion industry has changed, men have become too fashion conscious but still taking too much time to get ready and over thinking about dressing is something better to be left for women. You are a man; your way of dressing should look effortless, as in unbuttoned t-shirt, a bit rumpled shirt, and so on. This does not mean you start looking shabby but you must learn the tactic to give your dress up an effortless look.

Funky + Chunky eyewear


You do not have to have poor eyesight in order to wear a pair of chunky eyewear in trend these days. They have become just another accessory to amp up your style and charisma. Pick solid frames in fluorescent or blue shade and adorn your face with them. For your office, you should pick not so chunky and black and white frames, and while flaunting your looks and personality down there in streets, go for sexy and funky eyewear.

Pants with narrow bottom

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Bell-bottom pants and the ones with a wide bottom are out of fashion and today it is all about narrow bottom pants. This trend is here to stay but it will only look good on men who have well-toned bodies. So get your hands on these pants but ensure you get in shape before that.

Experiment with prints but cautiously

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Prints were never a man’s business but today they are. More and more men today love to experiment with prints and love incorporating them in their style. Choose an over the top blazer but after that you cannot and you should not try going overboard with the rest of your clothing. You will have to keep the rest of your outfit neutral, and let the accent blazer do the talking.

Watch out for a perfect fit

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Gone are the days when men used to compromise with loose or hanging suits on their body, probably they were ignorant of anything known as a perfect fit, or they were just not interested to flaunt their bodies. Today, men take special interest in securing almost all clothes they wear to be of ideal fit. You also find a tailor or a brand that offers you clothes that fit your body so well, thus, enhancing the way you look.

Men today can take help of numerous websites on internet to get the hang of a comfortable and super sexy street style fashion.


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