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Common eco-friendly fabrics you could find around you

We buy clothes on every occasions of our life but we never realize that clothes can also have a great impact on our environment as the textile industry causes surplus ecological damage by emitting toxic gases and chemicals to the surrounding environment. Therefore, in order to save our environment, it is necessary to encourage more and more people to buy clothes made out of eco-friendly fabrics. So, here are some common eco-friendly fabrics that are produced without polluting the environment and are also completely biodegradable:



  • Organic Cotton

Conventional cotton farming uses maximum amount of pesticides and chemicals, which damages the overall surrounding environment. On the other hand, organic cottons are produced without using any kind of pesticides or chemical. Hence, if the fabric of your clothes is made from organic cotton, you are actually wearing eco-friendly clothes.

  • Hemp

Hemp is an eco-fabric, which is grown without using any kind of pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers or chemicals. It is harvested by using a traditional hemp-harvesting machine. The hemp plants usually have long and short fibers, bound together by natural glue. The process of making fabrics out of hemp plant involves separating the long fibers and washing off the natural glue and then combing it to make yarn for weaving a completely eco-friendly fabric.


  • Silk

Silk is another fabric, which is produced in an eco-friendly way. However, before you buy silk fabric, it is necessary to make sure they are dyed by using eco-friendly products and not by using harmful chemicals. Since silk are produced naturally by silk worms, so chemical processing is out of question and therefore, pure silk garments are considered as eco-friendly clothes.

  • Lyocell

Lyocell is actually a generic name for a brand called Tencel. This fabric is made out of wood pulp and therefore, it is not only biodegradable but also recyclable. Moreover, the processing technology of Lyocell involves considerably less energy, emissions and water usage and it isn’t bleached either. In addition to this, it is a naturally wrinkle-free fabric and so, you are saved from the trouble of spending your time and electricity in ironing.


  • Soy fabric

Soy has a wide range of advantages and it is widely used in various sectors of our daily lives. Fabrics made out of soy are not only eco-friendly, but also comparatively soft and good for skin and that is why, it is mostly used for manufacturing undergarments. It is produced from the byproducts that are left after the processing of soy oil and therefore, soy fabrics are considered as an eco-friendly fabric which is also organic and sustainable. However, before buying any soy fabric materials, it is important to make sure that it is not blended with polyester or inorganic cotton for making it less expensive and more attractive.


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