Colors to flaunt and love in 2015

With the beginning of New Year, we see many changes in the trend for both men and women. Each year brings in many colors that make us fashionable. Earlier men had very few options for selecting color but today they have as many options as women have.

If you want to add some good manly colors for yourself this year and do not know which one to choose, then you can choose few of them from the list below.

Earth Brown

Earth Brown

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With the change in year, the focus has shifted to brown and all shades of it. As brown is quite rich color, it has become the trend of the year. Brown color comes in different shades. From light to dark, every shade looks great and gives you the earthy look, which looks quite stylish. From jackets to shirt and jeans, brown color is on the way. Just take any shade of brown, pair it with your favorite color to go with the trend. You can also pair it with red or white color, as both these colors blend nicely with brown.



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With the arrival of New Year, Indigo is all set to rue the fashion world. Different shades of navy blue and indigo have hit the market replacing all those darker shades that were once trendy in 2014. All the lighter shades of Indigo are trending and have become the color of the year. For maintaining an elegant look this year, men can go for indigo colored shirts, blazers, trousers, and even ties. For men who want to style themselves completely, they can choose any lighter shade of Indigo and blue. Also, purple and off purple color are trending this year. So men have a lot of color choices to style themselves.

Fertile green

Fertile green

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Men who really love to wear brighter shades can go for tree top color. It not just gives the natural and fertile look but also looks quite stylish. Green is an ideal color for men as it offers some health benefits t the person wearing it. Green soothes the nervous system and help in relaxing heart making us healthier. As the color is trending this year, men out there who love to get the feel of the nature can consider wearing it.

Glacier grey

Glacier grey

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Men who like more of dull and light shades have a perfect color for the year, which is grey. The color is more dominant for men than women in 2015 as per latest trend. With glacier grey, men have the option to style themselves with a light yet stylish color. Glacier grey is an unobtrusive shade of grey that enhances the other shade you are wearing. If you are wearing some other darker shade with grey, this color makes other color the centre of attraction while slipping in behind that color. Glacier grey will hardly fade soon unlike other colors and last long comparatively.

Toasted almond


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As 2015 is a year of lighter shades, toasted almond is a good option to own. Men who do not like the darker shades, they have this color for their clothing. Toasted almond not only brings the balance and coolness but look amazing as you wear it. Besides that, the color will give you the feeling of comfort and coolness in summers. Toasted color is one of the rich manly colors that speak of authenticity and class.

With the change in trends for men, they have many colors to make the choice, which will add style and class their wardrobe. Colors that are trending this year are simple yet classy allowing men to make a better choice.


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