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Parenting techniques that have vivid influences your kids personality

Different parenting techniques have different effects on the personality of a kid. Most of the parents unintentionally try to execute the parenting style that their own parents had implemented on them. Some others intentionally chose the best of each parenting style to raise their kids as confident and reliable human beings.

The Impact of Parenting Styles

Authoritarian parenting style helps you make your kids obedient and proficient. They know the value of limitation and boundaries but may have a lower self-esteem. Authoritative parenting style turns your kids into successful, creative and happy human beings. Permissive parents love and support their kids but fail to set rules for their kids. Their kids usually turn out to be spoiled, demanding and unsuccessful in life. Quite interestingly, disengaged parents often score low on important aspects of parenting and the result is quite natural. Their kids have to struggle with emotional and behavioral troubles. They are at high risk of alcohol dependence and substance abuse.

Best-known parenting style

Authoritative parenting style is the most popular one among all. Parents provide a lot of emotional support to their kids but at the same demand maturity and cooperation on the part of kids. They have the best of each parenting style. They allow their kids to explore the world like permissive parents but unlike them do not allow their kids to behave bad or turn into spoilt brats.

Authoritative parents make rules for their kids but at the same time express their love and support to their kids. They successfully maintain a balance between their love and affection for their kids and do not fail to enforce rules as well.

Why authoritative parenting style is the best one

It is important to keep yourself in regular touch with your kids. When you share your thoughts and feeling with them, you strengthen the bond. You have to give them the freedom to make their own decisions but at the same time make some rules for them. When your kids are not able to understand the difference between good and bad, you must define certain limitations for them.

It helps them stay away from anti-social behavior, drug abuse and other bad habits. Turn your kids into self-reliant and confident human beings who are kind to others around them. Authoritative patenting style helps you attain all these goals as a parent. You feel responsible as a parent. You love your kids but do not deny the need to turn your kids into good human beings.

Parenting styles differ

When authoritative parenting style seems to be the best option then it must be given a preference, which rarely happens. The reason behind it is that parents have different family background, socio-economic status, personality, parental background, culture and even different values. It is also possible that mother may have an authoritarian approach and father is permissive towards kids. This often creates problems in family and even kids find it hard to relate with either one.

Parents must give preference to family bond

The most common mistake of modern societies is that people have started giving more importance to career, wealth and personal satisfaction. As a result of it, kids lack emotional attachment with their parents and give more preference to themselves. Emotional bond makes your kids more reliable and instigate positivity among them.

It is also important that any argument between parents and kids must not turn into a competition. The whole idea of having a discussion is to solve a problem not to dominate the other person.

A couple always have different upbringing and it certainly affects their parenting styles. It is however important that both give priority to their kids and their happiness. They must set good examples for their kids and make them good human beings along with successful ones.


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