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7 Smart lights for a modernistic connected home

Olixar Light Beats Bluetooth Speaker Bulb

Smart lights have become a mainstay in many homes which prefer automated home systems these days. In addition to being energy efficient, these lights come with a plethora of attractive features that make them a must in every modernistic home. Take a look at 7 such smart lights that will look absolutely great in your connected home

Philips Hue

This remote controlled lighting system allows you to control the timing, color and brightness of your lights with just a smartphone. The set comes with three LED bulbs and a central control hub that connects to the home router via Ethernet cable. Download the Hue smartphone app onto your Android and iOS and start controlling the lights remotely via the preconfigured light scenes.

Good Belkin WeMo LEDs

The Good Belkin WeMo LEDs are app enabled lighting solutions that are extremely easy to use and well refined. Highly energy efficient, the bulbs are IFTTT compatible and can be configured to work efficiently with high color rendering scores. They are even stronger than TCP and Philips smart bulbs in this regard, thus making them the preferred choice for smart homes today.

Olixar Light Beats Bluetooth Speaker Bulb

Olixar Light Beats Bluetooth Speaker Bulb

This lightbulb cum Bluetooth speaker is a great space saving option for modernistic homes. Being one of the easiest speakers to pair with, the design comes sans any controls. All you need to do is to switch on the light and pair your tablet, smartphone or Bluetooth device with the bulb. It takes only one pairing for the bulb to recognize your device. The next time it switches on, the bulb will automatically connect to your smartphone, thereby allowing you to control the myriad lighting options as well as stream your music to the speakers.

ElgatoAvea Dynamic Mood Light

One specific highlight of this light that allows it to stand apart from its contemporaries is the absence of a central hub to connect it with your smartphone. The light connects to your smartphone or tablet sans any bridge, offering you the option to choose from a range of color changing sequences to match your mood. It will play the perfect host to parties and other social events where you need to change the color scenes frequently.

A LIFX light

The A LIFX light comes with an A19 compact sized bulb that is extremely energy efficient. However, what makes it stand out is its ability to generate over 1000 shades of white as well as millions of other color scenes. The light can easily generate up to 970 lumens of brightness using only 11 watts. It is also very easy to install and use, and can easily connect to your smartphone sans any bridge or central hub.

Lumen LED Smart Bulb

The Lumen LED Smart Bulb comes with a very simple and easy to use plug and play option. With over 16 million color options and the ability to control multiple bulbs together via a smartphone, Lumen is a great energy saving option for a home that does not want to compromise on the brightness and efficiency of the light in the process.

Lava Bright Sounds Portable Speaker

This modernistic device features a light bulb that is built into a portable speaker you can carry around wherever you go. The design features a soft plastic surround case which houses the light and can offer an extremely bright lighting option in low light conditions. The 5 watt speaker sits at the top of the light and comes with a wraparound style that allows the music to be heard in all directions. A rubber handle at the top makes it easy for you to carry the device.

Many homes are opting for smart lighting options these days. These smart lights help control the lights in the house via a smartphone, tablet or Bluetooth device. They are extremely energy efficient as well and offer many other attractive features that will appeal to modernistic homeowners.

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