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Incidents when kids prevented mishaps by dialing 911

5-Year-old girl saves her mom’s life by calling 911

5-Year-old girl saves her mom’s life by calling 911

Image Source : Cdn-Ugc.Cafemom.Com When a five-year-old girl found her mother choking in the house, she immediately dialed 911 thinking she is speaking with the dad on the other side. No matter what, but she managed to save her mother’s life. 5-Year-old boy calls 911 to report hunger

5-Year-old boy calls 911 to report hunger

Image Source : WordondaStreet.Com This is a little funny incident. A little boy was alone at home with his 10-month-old brother. When he felt hungry he picked up the phone and called 911 who bought him eatables from Mc Donald’s. Sadly, his mother Darnisha Robinson had to face charges for neglecting their child for more than four hours. 10-Year-old boy calls 911 when his father was driving drunk

10-Year-old boy calls 911 when his father was driving drunk

Image Source : Dreamindemon.Com The boy reported at 911 that he feared losing his life, as his father had been driving rashly in a high speed, being drunk. Child’s father soon encountered a collision in which he was uninjured but the 10-year old boy suffered injuries along with his sister who also was in the car. Soon, after the incident the little one’s father was arrested. 6-Year-old boy calls 911 as sister chokes Cole Steffens gives his sister Bailey a smooch while reading a book with their dad John Steffens. Image Source :  Media.Jrn.Com The 6-year-old boy Cole Steffens without thinking for a second called 911, as soon as he found his 17-month-old sister Bailey choking on a pretzel. 2-Year-old called 911 because she could not wear her pants

Aaliyah Garrett from South Carolina called 911

Image Source : Cdn.Inquisitr.Com Aaliyah Garrett from South Carolina called 911, as she needed help to pull up her pants. Police landed up at her home for helping the cute little child, where her grandfather not knowing about the call stated that there was no such emergency. The girl hopped from behind and informed that she required help with her pants and shoes. 5-Year-old calls 911 to save his mother from diabetic shock

Aydhum Byar

Image Source : Media.ThedenverChannel.Com Aydhum Byar found his mom in diabetic shock when she could not utter a word and was fighting for life. The child called 911 for help thereby saving his mother’s life. He later stated that his grandmother taught him to make an emergency call. 3-Year-old calls 911 to save babysitter’s life The little girl from Colorado, on instructions from her babysitter, called 911as the babysitter got an asthma attack due to chasing the toddler’s dog that got untied. The 911 calls by kids have successfully helped them in all emergencies and saved many lives. Plus, police have proven to be great assistance to little toddlers in these situations.]]>


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