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Creative ideas for a striking, upcycled lounge room

Old Wine Barrel Repurposed as Coffee Table

There tends to be some confusion regarding recycling and upcycling. Upcycling refers to repurposing old household items in their original state while recycling refers to processing these materials to produce new items. Upcycling can help you reduce your carbon footprint by using old, used up items in your home in a variety of innovative ways. Here are some ideas that can act as a source of inspiration for your upcycling project.

Old Forks Repurposed as Clothes Hooks

This is a really nifty way to reuse old forks without throwing them in landfills. Simply attach these forks to a wooden pallet (also repurposed from an old door or window frame) and nail the arrangement near the front door for guests to hang their coats on when visiting.

Tissue Boxes Repurposed as Desk Organizers

As winter ends, we find ourselves throwing out more than a few tissue boxes. Rather than throwing them out, consider upcycling them into desk organizers which can be used to hold pens, pencils and other stationery items. You can also make special compartments in the boxes for other essentials.

Wooden Crates Repurposed as Shelves and Coffee Tables

Have plenty of wooden crates lying around? Then consider upcycling them into shelves or coffee tables. When painted and fixed to the walls, the crates can act as really cute cubbies for storing every day essentials like shoes.

You can also fix a couple of crates together to form a coffee table which when painted, will hardly look like a piece of upcycled furniture. The plus point? You get to have a lot of compartments to store newspapers and other items in the table.

Old Wine Barrel Repurposed as Coffee Table

Old Wine Barrel Repurposed as Coffee Table

Image Source : allgiftsconsidered.com

Speaking of coffee tables, here is another upcycled idea for a coffee table using an old wine barrel. Simply saw the barrel in half (lengthwise), prop it on a metal stand and cover the top with a glass tabletop to create a custom made coffee table that will look amazing in a rustic environment.

Florist Bucket Repurposed as Flower Vase

Why throw out that empty florist bucket when you can repurpose it as a flower vase? Simply repaint the container in white or a pastel color and decorate it with some artificial flowers. Voila! Your very own upcycled flower vase is ready to display your favorite flowers in the lounge.

Car Engine Repurposed as Auto-Loveseat

Have an old car you are about to send to the dump? Before you do that, cut out the front portion of the car complete with the headlights. Remove the engine and replace it with a custom made seat. You now have a beautiful auto loveseat in your home to enthrall guests.

Ladder Repurposed as Shelving

An old ladder can be easily turned into a shelving option. Strip down the ladder and repaint it (you can choose to leave it original and rustic if needed). Place some glass shelves in between the rungs. Use these glass surfaces as shelves to display your favorite collectibles in the lounge.

Vintage Suitcase Repurposed as Side Table

A vintage suitcase will work great as a side table for your bed. Simply attach the suitcase to a metal stand and place it near the bed. You can now use the top of the suitcase (when closed) as a place to keep an alarm clock, your mobile phone or possibly a lamp. The space inside the suitcase can also be used to storage purposes.

Tennis Rackets Repurposed as Mirrors

Here is a great way to line the walls in your lounge with mirrors. Remove the netting in a tennis racket and attach a mirror to the frame instead. Line a couple of these tennis bats along the length of the wall for an innovative look.

Unlike recycling, upcycling refers to repurposing old, used objects in and around your home without throwing them out in the trash. Upcycling offers you plenty of ways to spruce up indoor décor with innovative ideas using objects that will otherwise end up in the land fill.

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