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How to Take Care of Your Solar Panels to Ensure Efficiency and Durability

Take Care of Your Solar Panels

If you are planning to install a solar power system in your home or office, we would suggest that you do it soon. A solar power system is an efficient and effect way of generating electricity with some great benefits, the biggest being your contribution in using a natural and renewable source of energy and promoting a clean and green energy system. Using solar energy also works out to be more economical and you are eligible for various other subsidies and rebates from the government as well.

Modern solar power systems are quite sophisticated and are very easy to install, use, and maintain. The major components of a solar power system are the solar panels and the inverter. The lifespan of solar panels is about 25-30 years and it is important that you maintain them properly, as it affects its efficiency in the long run. We are here giving you some simple tips that can make your solar panels last longer and give maximum benefit.

Careful installation:

Special care has to be taken during installation of the solar panels. You must try to secure supporting frames firmly. There should not be any cracks or damage on the panels and the panels must be sealed properly. In case, there is a seal crack, water could seep in and disintegrate the contacts.

Keep them clean:

The key to proficient solar panels is optimum access to sunlight. Make sure to keep the dust and dirt off the solar panels and keep them clean all the time, so that they continue to function well. If you notice a dusty film on the panels, just spray some water and clean them without using soap or a cleaning sponge. You must also take care that there are not scratches on the panels. Rainy days means less power production but a few spells of rain can be good for dusty solar panels. When you are on the terrace next time, give your solar panel a quick wash for best results.

Do not keep them under shade:

It is obvious that a solar panel needs direct sunlight and will not be effective, if it does not get enough of it. If there are trees around the system, keep them trimmed so they do not shade the panel and there are no leaves or bird droppings on the panels.

Record the performance:

Going one step forward, you could record the power output on a day to day basic and see the trend and notice if there is a drop in the power output and take necessary steps. The newer systems come with an integrated performance tracking mechanism that gives you exact figures of the power generation and alert if there is something wrong.

Keep an eye:

Having spoken about keeping the panels clean and under direct sunlight, the solar panels need almost no other maintenance. You do not really have to do much other than just keeping an eye on them. While you do not have to do this daily, a weekly check should suffice and if you notice something drastic, call for professional help without any delay.


While the value of a solar power system is immense and taking good care of the system is required for the optimum output, it is also important to keep personal safety in mind. Solar panels being generally installed on rooftops, one has to take all precautions to avoid any risk and not compromise on personal safety. Most dealers provide maintenance and support for a fee. Let the experts do the job!

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